Clio Trophy Portugal heads to Castelo Branco for the second stage

After an excellent start to the Lisbon Rally, Clio Trophy Portugal heads to another district capital, for the Rally of Castelo Branco and Vila Velha de Ródão, to be played this Friday and Saturday. Ten teams face the fast-paced asphalt qualifiers of Beira Baixa, in a competitive squad that mixes youth and experience.

The new Renault Portugal trophy could hardly have had a more auspicious start, with Clio Rally5 providing an excellent show at the Lisbon Rally. Two weeks later, the action moves to Beira Baixa and the Rally of Castelo Branco and Vila Velha de Ródão, which is part of the calendar of the Portuguese Rally Championship.

clio trophy portugal
Clio Trophy Portugal

It will be the second of five rounds of the Clio Trophy Portugal, with a dozen teams facing the challenging sections of the Albicastrense region and with Gil Antunes in charge of the classification. The former national champion of 2 Rodas Motrizes, imposed his experience at the opening in Lisbon, after a fantastic duel with the young Pedro Pereira Jr., navigated by Tiago Silva, leader of the race during nine specials. Gil Antunes, who will be navigated by Fábio Ribeiro, in Castelo Branco, even registered a fifth place overall in one of the sections in Lisbon, demonstrating the competitiveness of Clio Rally5, the most victorious car of the category in the FIA World Rally Championship.

1º gil antunes
1º Gil Antunes < Clio Trophy Portugal

At the age of 23, Danny Carreira also showed that he is another young value on the rise through Clio Trophy Portugal, winning two qualifiers and climbing the podium at the start of the season. The Portuguese pilot, based in Switzerland, will now be accompanied by the experienced Valter Cardoso. Nuno Coelho and Ricardo Cunha form another duo with ambitions to fight for first places, there is also the expectation to see what young people like José Pedro Quintas (23 years) or Carlos Marreiros Jr. (18 years old) can do navigated, respectively, by Nuno Carvalhosa and Ricardo Barreto. Unlucky at the start of the season, the young Luís Caetano (22 years) wants to recover the lost points and confirm the good indications he has already given with Clio Rally5, sailed by David Monteiro.

2º pedro pereira jr.
2º Pedro Pereira jr. < Clio Trophy Portugal

Paulo Barata started the season with a positive sixth place and will have the consecrated Nuno Rodrigues da Silva by his side in Castelo Branco. The Algarvian Vasco Tintim also made his debut with Clio Rally5, now choosing Nuno Duque to accompany him, while Henrique Azenha and Hugo Marques bet on recovering from the bad luck that forced them to give up in the first race. Also injured in Lisbon, Dario Rebelo and António Pereira will now try to return as soon as possible to the competition.

3º danny carreira
3º Danny Carreira < Clio Trophy Portugal

Also noteworthy is the young national champion of 2 Rodas Motrizes, Gonçalo Henriques, who defends the leadership of CPR2 behind the Renault Clio Rally4, with Inês Veiga at his side.

The Rally of Castelo Branco and Vila Velha de Ródão will have a total of 11 asphalt classifications, which make up 109.5 timed kilometres. The action kicks off this Friday morning with a 3.3 km Shakedown that predates the first four qualifiers, including the traditional night Super Special.

Saturday’s stage, the longest of the race, has seven qualifiers and ends with a Power Stage in the centre of Castelo Branco. An ideal setting for the strong emotions of the Clio Trophy Portugal.

Clio Trophy Portugal

Clio Trophy Portugal classification

  • 1st Gil Antunes, 28 points;
  • 2nd Pedro Pereira Jr., 19;
  • 3rd Danny Carreira, 15;
  • 4th Nuno Coelho, 12;
  • 5th José Pedro Quintas, 10;
  • 6th Paulo Barata, 8;
  • 7th Vasco Tintin, 6;
  • 8th Luís Caetano, 5.

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