Close to 40 activities mark XX Theater festival that begins in Setúbal

Feminine themes mark the 20th Festival of the Theater that begins today, in Setúbal, and that over 11 days brings to this city 38 activities, 31 of which are performances.

A musical note with Teresa Gabriel and the debut of “Ah! Minha Dinamene!”, The first of two new productions that the host company of the show – Teatro Estúdio Fontenova – presents in this edition of the party, ends on September 2.

At night, at the Luísa Todi Municipal Forum, the Spanish company La Compania Albadulake, with the piece “Las expertas”, kick off the official section of the contest.

In all, the 20th Festival of the Theater presents 15 pieces in the official section of the contest, eight in the section More Party to the contest and another in the section More Extra party contest, according to the director of the Festival and the Studio Theater Fontenova, José Maria Dias.

Seventy thousand euros for “cachets and actual costs of the festival” – 30,000 euros from the Setúbal Chamber, co-organizer of the initiative, and 40,000 from the Sustainable Support Program of the General Directorate of the Arts – is the budget of the 20th party, added .

The 70,000 euros also add to the costs of the salaries of the five full-time employees since the beginning of May and the seven full-time employees since the beginning of this month and will remain until the end of the event, he said.

At the end of the evening, in the auditorium of the secondary school Sebastião da Gama, the Yellow Collective, a group composed of Portuguese, Spanish and Belgians present “We do not know how to dance”, the first of eight pieces extra contest in the section More Festa.

A closing concert, a show of short films, theater conversations, two exhibitions – one individual and one collective -, workshops and artistic residencies are also part of the program of the party.

More than 20 years after the first edition, held in 1995, the XX Teatro Festa presents a program with “more than triple the spectacles and activities” of the first edition, as the director of the host company in the message of the festival says.

In statements, José Maria Dias also stressed the reinforcement of the presence of foreign companies, mainly Brazilian and Spanish, in this edition, a direct consequence of having obtained funding from the DGARtes Sustained Support Program.

Sebastião da Gama Secondary School, S. Filipe Fort, Luísa Todi Municipal Forum, Sapalinho Square, Bonfim Park, Bocage Square, Albarquel Urban Park and Setúbal Culture House are the places where the XX Theater Festival takes place, which ends on September 2, with a party with music, by the High Scene, in front of the House of Culture.

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