Club Makumba fill CCB with good vibes

Centro Cultural de Belem

The Club Makumba concert was held at the CCB, one of the most recent musical projects by Tó Trips, João Doce, Gonçalo Prazeres and Gonçalo Leonardo.

Club Makumba presented their debut album of the same name, inspired by the sounds of Africa and the Mediterranean, with Tó Trips on guitar, João Doce on percussion, Gonçalo Prazeres on saxophone and Gonçalo Leonardo on the bass.

Club Makumba > CCB ©Luís M. Serrão – iNeews < 2022.01.27

The band’s presentation reads «A flag of resistance hoisted on Mediterranean coasts. A strait of influences in a fusion of rock cartographies, guitars from the south coasts, warm rhythms of North Africa, swept by spirits that wander in the air and in the jazz dunes, melodies and old tunings, which reach us in electrical dust storms. . They are hymns dedicated to all those trying to make a better life on these western shores, neglected by a Europe that is increasingly closed in on itself. Here come clashing winds, welcome on the frontiers of change. Here’s our sound!! Here’s our disc! Club Makumba, Dancing as an act of resistance!»

Club Makumba > CCB ©Luís M. Serrão – iNeews < 2022.01.27

Club Makumba took the audience on a fantastic journey in which African and Mediterranean sounds, from pure rock to jazz, filled the room to the delight of all who filled the room to hear them, not haggling over the applause, and dancing to the rhythm, even if seated.

The band presented the songs that are part of their album, but also new songs that, according to Tó Trips, will be part of the next one, the band that has been waiting for 2 years to present their work, did not hide their happiness for finally being done for a full house.

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