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Coala Festival, two days of celebration in Portugal

Hipódromo Manuel Possolo, Cascais

The first edition of the Coala Festival took place this Saturday and Sunday, 1st and 2nd June in Cascais, with a successful line-up with Jorge Ben Jor and Gilberto Gil, as headliners, taking a lot of people to the Hipódromo Manuel Possolo, with São Pedro blessing the festival with lots of sun.

Coala took to Cascais a balanced line-up, with established names and others on the way to consecration, with various musical styles and representing several Portuguese-speaking countries, with emphasis on names coming from Brazil.

Coala Festival – D2 < 2024.06.02 < Cascais ©Luís M. Serrão

The joy and excellent music, in a very beautiful space, although with few shadows for those who wanted to see the concerts on the main stage, but a cold drink there refreshed the audience while they watched.

The first day had Jorge Ben Jor, Baiana System, Pongo, EU.CLIDES and Rita Vian on stage, as well as several DJ sets that entertained the audience between performances by artists on the main stage, who could also choose the Club Coala stage.

Mayra Andrade < Coala Festival – D2 < 2024.06.02 < Cascais ©Luís M. Serrão

The second day featured Gilberto Gil, Carminho, Rubel, Céu and Mayra Andrade on the main stage, who opened the stage at 4.30 pm, under a strong sun, but did not have a lack of company, with many fans who did not want to miss a second of an intimate concert, as if welcoming us into her living room, where there was no shortage of armchairs and plants, Mayra once again amazed us, with her most beautiful songs and her sweet, strong voice.

Céu < Coala Festival – D2 < 2024.06.02 < Cascais ©Luís M. Serrão

It was then Céu’s turn to take the stage, a beautiful and sensual concert, captivated the audience from the first minute, with a mainly Brazilian audience, knowledgeable about the Brazilian artist’s music, following her in unison from start to finish.

Rubel < Coala Festival – D2 < 2024.06.02 < Cascais ©Luís M. Serrão

Rubel was the next artist, and the fans made themselves heard from the beginning, friendly and charming, the musician took us on a journey through warm and beautiful songs that left no one indifferent, rhythms that invited us to dance and sing, always with a glass in hand to quench his thirst, and it was like this, and growing up, that Carminho took to the stage.

Carminho < Coala Festival – D2 < 2024.06.02 < Cascais ©Luís M. Serrão

If we could even think that it wasn’t the place for fado to flourish, a lot of noise, and loose conversations, would lead to the distraction of those who saw it, but Carminho was not intimidated, and always friendly, although a little nervous, she talked with the public and with Her beautiful and powerful voice quickly won everyone’s attention and applause, for an hour of the most beautiful fado.

Gilberto Gil < Coala Festival – D2 < 2024.06.02 < Cascais ©Luís M. Serrão

And it was Gilberto Gil’s turn, and of course it was wonderful, accompanied by his family on stage, there were many successes he took to Cascais, with many more left out, but in a career that gave us so many songs, which are part of our lives, whatever the selection is always wonderful, Gilberto continues to amaze on stage, his friendliness, charisma and enormous talent, win over any audience, and Cascais was captivated by this wonderful artist.

Carminho < Coala Festival – D2 < 2024.06.02 < Cascais ©Luís M. Serrão

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Editor’s note

The Koala Festival is already a renowned name in Brazil, and we would think that all this experience and knowledge would have reached Portugal as well, but some beginner mistakes left a little bittersweet, a small food area and little equipped with food, with huge queues and some suppliers without food at dinner time, very high prices for those who could not take food or drinks to the venue, no area for those who went to the festival to work from four o’clock until dawn, such as journalists and photojournalists, who they had to work sitting on the grass, not being able to turn on equipment, charge laptops or batteries, and of course, the technical area in front of the stage, reserved for technicians, security guards and, for three songs per artist, photojournalists, there were all kinds of people, “supposed” photographers taking photos with flash, others taking selfies with the artist on stage and many influencers, but unfortunately, the “others” too, that is, guests, friends, VIPs, who with pressure bracelets at their sides of the VIP ones, they went to make live broadcasts, videos and photographs to show their friends on social media, in other words, they shouldn’t even be there, let it be said that as is usual in Mundo Propício productions, disorganization reigns and respect for those who are going to work, lack.

Coala Festival – D2 < 2024.06.02 < Cascais ©Luís M. Serrão

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