Cockburn’s opens the doors of Quinta dos Canals to emerging artists

Applications for the “Mosto” project are now open

Gavin Renshaw, winner of the Street Art Competition 2023, was the guest of the artistic residency that marked the start of the initiative.

From the streets and museums to the Douro landscape. Cockburn’s – the renowned Port wine house from Symington Family Estates – has just launched an initiative that will transport art to the walls of Quinta dos Canais, the brand’s “home” in the Douro region.Mosto” – an expression that designates fresh grape juice intended for alcoholic fermentation – was the name chosen for the project, which aims to be a space for “fermentation of ideas” for professional and emerging artists, providing a platform for creating and sharing your job.

gavin renshaw residência (2) créditos reservados
Cockburn’s, da Quinta dos Canais < “Mosto”

Cockburn’s challenge has therefore been launched: a two-week artistic residency in contact with the unique nature of the Douro, far from conventions and promoting total freedom for artists. Each residence will have, as a final product, a work inspired by Quinta’s surrounding environment and the brand’s spirit, which intends, in the long term, to develop an exhibition with the different creations.

The first residency at Quinta dos Canais took place between the 6th and 12th of May, following an invitation made to Gavin Renshaw (Tea One). The English artist was the winner of the most recent edition of the Street Art Competition, in September last year, having won over the jury with a mural that highlighted the rabelo boats and the landscape of the Douro River. Over the next few months, Cockburn’s will allow other artists to join the “Mosto” project. Applications for the next artistic residencies are now open and must be submitted by email to

Art and Port wine: Cockburn’s already recognized “pairing”

The “Mosto” project marks another step by Cockburn’s in supporting culture and, in particular, the visual arts. The brand, which has stood out for its young and irreverent approach to the trade and consumption of Port wine, has promoted the Street Art Competition over the last three years. The initiative has already brought together, at Caves Cockburn’s, dozens of national and international artists, challenged to create, for an afternoon, projects inspired by the cities of Porto and Vila Nova de Gaia, Port wine and the material and immaterial heritage of the Douro.

The focus on a close relationship with these artists, as well as the desire to be an ally of emerging artists, are a priority for the brand, which has promoted other initiatives in this area. An example of this is the launch, in 2023, of an exclusive box of Porto Vintage 2007 and Quinta dos Canais Vintage 2007, illustrated by Brazilian artist Paula Rezende – winner of the Street Art Competition 2022. And because irreverence and tradition go hand in hand, Cockburn’s paid homage to the work of coopers through a mural, developed in partnership with Projeto Ruído and presented last year, on the walls of Garrafeira do Carmo, in downtown Porto. It should be noted that Cockburn’s is the only Port wine house with a cooperage in its cellars, also housing the largest Port wine ageing warehouse in the historic area of Vila Nova de Gaia.

gavin renshaw residência (1) créditos reservados
Cockburn’s, da Quinta dos Canais < “Mosto”

About Symington Family Estates

The Symingtons, of Scottish, English and Portuguese descent, have been producers of Port wine in the north of Portugal since 1882. For five generations they have combined their passion for producing wines, especially Port wines, of high quality with their strong commitment to the region and its people. Today, ten members of the Symington family work in their four famous Port wine houses – Graham’s, Cockburn’s, Dow’s and Warre’s – as well as in their Douro wine projects: Quinta do Vesúvio, Quinta do Ataíde, Altano, Prats & Symington (Chryseia) and, his most recent, Quinta da Fonte Souto, in Alto Alentejo. Symington Family Estates is one of the main producers of premium Ports and the family is the main owner of vineyards in the Douro, with 26 farms covering 2,420 hectares, of which 1,114 are vineyards. The vineyards are managed under sustainability principles, with 130 hectares having organic certification – the largest area of organic vineyards in the Douro. The family has made significant investments in R&D in viticulture, to adapt to climate change, and promotes an ambitious sustainability plan called ‘Mission 2025’, which integrates a set of goals. In 2019, the company achieved B Corporation certification, becoming the first wine company in Portugal to take this important step, joining a global business community audited according to the highest standards of social and environmental responsibility, with a commitment to use business as a force for good.

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