Coimbra broadcasts year-end program online

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The program will be broadcast on the social networks of the municipality of Coimbra and includes various performances, from fado to traditional, popular, and intervention music, through indie-pop and hip-hop.

With this initiative, the municipality of Coimbra also wants to honor and support the city’s artistic and cultural talent, whose professionals have been greatly affected by the evolution of the covid-19 pandemic. At midnight on January 1, 2021, there will be 21 fireworks launch points in the municipality of Coimbra, at least one in each parish council.

This pyrotechnic show will also be broadcast live during the broadcast on social networks.

The program continues after midnight, with the arrival of five DJs on stage, all of them also from Coimbra, who promise animation until about 2:30 am, covering various musical styles.

The Câmara de Coimbra canceled the entire Christmas program, opting to channel the funds destined to the festivities, to support families that lost income during the covid-19 pandemic and local commerce.

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