Coimbra em Blues | the Blues return to TAGV

Coimbra em Blues already has its place of honor in the Portuguese festivals dedicated to this style of music. But you still want to be different, bold and above all … nothing conservative in your approach.

An example of this is the programming of the 2019 edition of Coimbra in Blues, where a bet is made on European artists (including Portuguese) without leaving out, of course, the North Americans (and how well represented this year).

Thus, on the first day, the representation of the Blues is made by Iberian artists: Portuguese Pedro (Pedro Serra’s alter ego who, among other projects, founded Ruby Ann and the Bopping Boozers) and Chino & The Big Bet (Chino is a most active representatives of the Blues and Swing in Barceloa).

On the second day, the Anglo-Saxon faction of the festival comes to us. The first to take the stage will be Englishman Martin Harley (world-renowned acoustic blues artist) and, to close the 2019 edition of Coimbra em Blues, comes to us from the USA Shirley King (daughter of BB King, but despite the “weight” of your family name, has an enviable career).

Coimbra em Blues

Days: 15 and 16 November 2019
Location: TAGV Coimbra

15 November

Portuguese Pedro [POR] 9:30 pm
Chino & The Big Bet [SPA] 11:00 pm

16 November

Martin Harley [UK] 10:00 pm
Shirley King [USA] 11:00 pm

Single ticket: € 30
Daily ticket: € 20

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