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In the city of Coimbra the traditional taverns are still quite alive and in them you can find the most varied snacks: such as gizzards, bones, woodpecker, streak of pitau among many other studs, accompanied by a good wine from the farmer. In the restaurants stand out the typical dishes such as chanfana, Bairrada-style roasted piglet or lamprey rice.

Confectionery, however, has deep roots, largely influenced by the various convents and monasteries that existed in the city. Examples are Santa Clara Pastéis or Arrufadas, a cake with regional certification. When it comes to recreated sweets, it is important to mention (and taste) the Poor Clares Pudding, the Crosiers, the St. Anthony’s Cake or even the Academic Cookies, all examples of revitalizing ancestral recipes. These recipes, which are dozens or even hundreds of years old, have been adapted to modern culture while retaining the taste they once had. More recently, two sweets were created to honor events related to the history of Coimbra: the Dreams of Pedro and Inês, alluding to the tragic novel of D. Pedro and D. Inês de Castro; and the Queen’s Rose in honor of Dona. Isabel of Aragon, the Holy Queen.

Although not from Coimbra, Tentúgal’s famous pastries and cheeses are also a frequent presence in the city’s pastry shops, as well as Penacova’s Nevadas or Pereira’s Queijadas. The vast majority of these sweets are for sale in the city’s pastry shops, but they can all be enjoyed at the Coimbra Conventual and Regional Confectionery Show, held annually in the city.


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