Coimbra hosts exhibition of surrealism with more than 100 artists

The Municipal House of Culture of Coimbra will inaugurate this month an exhibition of surrealism with more than 100 artists from 49 countries, entitled ‘International Surrealism Now’, announced today the person in charge of the event.

The exhibition will take place from the 17th of January to the 19th of January 2019, at the Municipal House of Culture in Coimbra, featuring artists from the United States, Russia, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Morocco, Australia, Indonesia or Japan.

More than 160 works will be exhibited in two gallery spaces of the House of Culture, including “painting, sculpture, photography, drawing and digital art,” said Santiago Ribeiro, promoter of the initiative, of Coimbra.

According to the official, the exhibition grew in size in relation to the last edition in Coimbra in 2016, and also organized similar initiatives in other cities of the country as well as abroad.

“International Surrealism Now,” he explains, “moves away from the fanaticism of the past and from those who think that one has to think like them or else one does not become part of the [surrealist] movement.”

According to Santiago Ribeiro, the exhibition does not follow “the precepts of [André] Breton [French artist who published the First Surrealist Manifesto, in 1924]”.

“Breton started the movement, but then surrealism fragmented into several groups, with each one saying who the real surrealists were. Here, who does not want to think like Breton, does not think,” vinca.

In this sense, in the exhibition, different perspectives and approaches to surrealism arise, whether artists “following the line of Breton or Dali or some who do not even think about it”, and there are works that represent “the movements of visionary art, abstract art and fantastic art. ”

Entrance to the exhibition is free.

The initiative of “International Surrealism Now” started in 2010 with an exhibition organized in partnership with the Bissaya Barreto Foundation in Coimbra.

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