Coimbra – Places to visit pt.2

8 – Monastery of Santa Clara-a-Velha

The Gothic convent was founded by Queen St. Elizabeth in the 14th century, but the ruins can still be visited today. The place has a great stature, but it has been abandoned since the 17th century for a long time, due to the constant floods caused by the Mondego river. In addition to the monastery, Queen Isabel also built a hospital for the poor and a palace, where she would later live after the widow of D. Dinis.
Today, the visit to the monastery encompasses the ruins, the convent archaeological estate and the screening of films. Admission to the monastery costs 4 euros.

9 – Santa Clara-a-Nova Monastery

In the seventeenth century was erected a new monastery of Santa Clara, which came to replace the oldest. Built in the Baroque style, this is where the Queen Santa Isabel lies, in the original tomb dating from the fourteenth century.
The total visit to the complex, including the permanent exhibition and the viewpoint over the city, costs 5 euros.

10 – Medieval High of Coimbra

In addition to the University buildings, the highest region of the city of Coimbra has other important buildings dating back to medieval times. Here you will find the Sub-Ripas Palace, the Contenta Tower and the Anto Tower.
To get into the city’s Alta, be sure to pass through the Almedina Gate and Tower, the main entrance to the intra-walled city, which marks the division between the Alta and Baixa de Coimbra. It is preceded by the Barbican Gate, which was part of the second walled waist of the city.

11 – Convent of St. Francis

After a requalification project, the Convento de São Francisco reopened in 2016 as a cultural space with a diverse agenda for all tastes. From concerts to plays and dance shows. If you are visiting the city of Coimbra, be sure to consult the Convent Agenda, there may be something that interests you.

12 – Choupal National Forest

With an area of ​​79 hectares, this is the favorite place for outdoor activities, as it has jogging, walking and cycling routes. You can walk from the city center and walk along the Mondego River.
A is free admission.

13 – Penedo da Saudade

This park and viewpoint of the city is linked to the academic tradition. In addition to the view of the eastern part of the city, we can admire the numerous commemorative plaques that students and former students left here for posterity. This tradition began in 1855 but continues today.
Admission is free.

14 – Mondego Green Park, Pedro and Inês Bridge and Manuel Braga Park

The Mondego river bank is a lively area with restaurants and bars. Along the banks there are two parks: Manuel Braga, next to the restaurants and Verde Mondego, with natural pools on the river. To cross the river, cross the pedestrian bridge Pedro and Inês.

15 – Monumental Stairs

One of the most emblematic places for students of Coimbra, is here that freshmen are usually praxas. Built in the 1950s, the 125-step staircase joins D. Dinis Square with Republic Square. It is said that the number of times you trip over the staircase during the year is the number of chairs that will be dropped in that year…

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