Coimbra Psychiatry Center atelier results in short film

The short film ‘Danças.comigo?’, Recorded at the psychiatric center of the Coimbra Hospital and University Center (CHUC), will be screened in the second half of this year, it was announced today.

The film is the result of a body expression workshop, developed in a therapeutic context during the first half of 2019, at the CHUC Psychiatric and Mental Health Integrated Responsibility Center (CRI).

“It is through the body and music that there is the possibility of stimulating autonomy and interest in the discovery of interaction and social inclusion. Body expression allows the construction of a potential emotional, affective and social balance, exploring the benefits of a better knowledge of the body. , for music, “explains Pedro Renca, mental and psychiatric health nurse at Sobral Cid Hospital, quoted in a statement from CHUC.

The expert assumes to have “a particular interest in the application of different forms of expression because by using these strategies in clinical practice, better therapeutic results are achieved and, in this particular case, the mission concerns the fight against stigma and prejudice, social inclusion and mental health literacy, all in a ‘positive mind’ line. ”

The project ‘Danças.comigo?’ It involved the team that actively collaborated with Pedro Renca in the realization of the short film, namely composer and performer Luísa Sobral, occupational therapist Miguel Pires, clinical psychologist Vera Raposo and medical psychiatrist Carla Silva.

Pedro Renca has developed several projects in which he addresses different forms of expression that provide other ways of communicating, focusing on empowering the “person in search of their mental balance”.

The nurse specialist in mental and psychiatric health has produced several works with the same objective, ranging from painting, drawing, music and photography in oil and canvas, or the book ‘Historinhas em Psiquiatria’ (2008), and short ‘This Is My Home’ (2014) and ‘UMBRA’ [(2015)).

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