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Coimbra A city of narrow streets, courtyards, staircases and medieval arches, Coimbra was the birthplace of six kings of Portugal and the First Dynasty, as well as the first University of the Country and one of the oldest in Europe. In the twelfth century, Coimbra already had an urban structure, divided between the upper city, called Alta or Almedina, where lived the aristocrats, clerics and, later, students, and the Baixa, commerce, craftsmanship and neighborhoods. riverside.

Since the mid-16th century, the history of the city has revolved around the history of the University of Coimbra, and it is only in the 19th century that the city begins to expand beyond its walled hull, which even disappears with the reforms. carried out by the Marquis of Pombal in the late eighteenth century. These renovations will have a major impact especially on the city’s high, where structures such as the Botanical Garden and some colleges of the University are created.


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