Coleção exclusiva assinala o Dia Mundial da Terceira Idade com humor e boa disposição

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10% of sales revert to solidarity projects of the Gafanha do Carmo Community Center

In order to promote active, healthy and inclusive ageing, an exclusive creation of t-shirts dedicated to the elderly is launched in the week of World Day for the Elderly, which is celebrated on October 28th. seniors.

The collection, all of it in a positive and fun register, is composed of a set of 10 messages that aim to end with age-old stereotypes and stimulate a more inclusive and supportive society.

The project was created by AgeLess Portugal, a company focused on creating services and solutions for people aged 55+. Mónica Póvoas, founder and head of AgeLess Portugal, says that “there are 4 million Portuguese aged 55+, but that this is a cause for all and for which we should wear the shirt. In this sense, AgeLess Portugal bet on the creation of a fun and good-natured concept that best defines the platinum generation and thus conveys its message through genderless t-shirts.”

The pieces have a unit price of €22 and can be ordered through AgeLess Portugal’s social networks. 10 per cent of sales will go to the Gafanha do Carmo Community Center, in Ílhavo, an institution that is a living example that age is not an obstacle to stop living in a joyful and inclusive way.

Silver Economy

The “Silver Economy” is the specific economic activity aimed at satisfying the needs and motivations of seniors, as well as those of their families as a result of providing care. This is a market that tends to double by 2050 and, although it is growing rapidly, it still has a long way to go before it reaches maturity. In the national context, and in the most recent data made available by the INE (National Statistics Institute), it was found that the average life expectancy of the Portuguese increased again, standing at 81.06 years. Of the total Portuguese population, 4 million are aged 55 or over and of these, about 2.5 million are inactive.

Importance of happy ageing

The UN (United Nations) reinforces happiness as a global goal and one of the fundamental goals of human beings. As we get older, we become happier and more balanced in resolving conflicts and it leads most people to emotional stability and happiness. Stanford University studied 180 people – between 1993 and 2005 – and concluded that the “disgusting” subjects were already so in young people. This reinforces the fact that curmudgeonly and curmudgeonly behaviours are not related to age, but to personality. Most people in this age group have already made peace with their mistakes and therefore manage to resolve emotional issues in a more peaceful way, thus contributing to a more balanced society.

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