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Private Collection DSF Moscatel Roxo Rosé and Verdelho 2022

two fresh and aromatic wines that are a hymn to the winemaker's creativity

The DSF Private Collection is José Maria da Fonseca’s wine range that allows winemaker Domingos Soares Franco to truly awaken his passion for the New World and unleash his creative and irreverent spirit.

The 2022 vintages of the Private Collection DSF Moscatel Roxo Rosé and Verdelho are proof of that and promise to refresh and flavor even more in the hot days ahead.

Colecção Privada DSF Moscatel Roxo Rosé 2022 is a light salmon-colored wine with a persistent aroma of white roses and a long palate with floral notes. Produced from a noble and very rare grape variety, muscat purple, this rosé wine is characterized by its freshness, uniqueness, and subtlety. In its vinification process, this rosé goes through a cold skin pre-maceration for 48 hours, then ferments in stainless steel vats at 18ºC. It should be enjoyed on its own at a temperature of 8ºC or with light meals, such as snacks or salads.

The Private Collection DSF Verdelho 2022 is a white wine with a citrus yellow color, with aromas of lantanas and exotic fruits. In the mouth, notes of green tea and exotic fruits make this wine fresh and with a long finish. During the vinification process, the must fermented in stainless steel at 16ºC.

Both wines come from clay-limestone soils, located in the Setúbal Peninsula, and do not undergo aging in wood.

Private Collection DSF Moscatel Roxo Rosé 2022| 750 ml – P.V.P. Recommended with VAT €9.99
Private Collection DSF Verdelho 2022 | 750 ml – P.V.P. Recommended with VAT €9.99

About DSF Private Collection: Domingos Soares Franco, is the youngest representative of the sixth generation of the family, which since its foundation has presided over the fate of José Maria da Fonseca. In addition to being vice-president, he is the winemaker of this house, and therefore an unavoidable reference in the winemaking panorama of the region and the country. Although he signs all José Maria da Fonseca wines, there are some that he reserves for himself as special. They translate his creative spirit, the passion he feels for viticulture and oenology, and the influence he has from the New World. He called them Domingos Soares Franco – Private Collection.

About José Maria da Fonseca: Founded over 185 years ago, José Maria da Fonseca is one of the leaders in the areas of production and marketing of table and fortified wines in Portugal, with its brands present in over 70 countries. Over the years demonstrating a growing concern regarding environmental factors, José Maria da Fonseca is proud to use the best practices in the treatment of the vineyard, in the management of natural resources, in their preservation and conservation, having been the first producer of wines certified in this area, even before the emergence of ISO environmental standards. At the end of 2021, José Maria da Fonseca invested in the installation of a photovoltaic solar system for self-consumption and successfully completed its sustainability certification, according to the FAIR’N GREEN benchmark, being the first Portuguese wine producer to obtain this sustainability certification , after detailed and demanding analysis and consultation. José Maria da Fonseca’s portfolio includes more than forty high-quality brands, representing the main national wine regions. Many of them are today cases of popularity at national and international level and authentic emblems of our country. This success stems from the enormous human and material investment and a constant capacity for renewal on the part of José Maria da Fonseca which, throughout its history, and currently in its seventh generation, has been able to preserve a precious heritage without neglecting modernization, corresponding to the demanding standards that its consumers expect and surprising at every step.

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