Colin Stetson brings new songs to three concerts in Portugal

Multi-instrumentalist Colin Stetson brings new material to Portugal for three concerts this Sunday at GNRation in Braga on Monday at St. George’s Church in Lisbon and on Tuesday at the Tremor festival in São Miguel.

The musician explained that he will be “alone on stage, playing songs from the last records and some new material“, accompanied by the bass saxophone, alto saxophone and double bass clarinet.

In his music, he refuses electronic and digital manipulation, constructing a kind of “geodetic field“, a “metaphor for the process of capturing a multiplicity of sounds from a single instrumental source, which, later, by mixing methods in the space field , allows to create three entirely new dimensions, obtained from the original capture “.

This has been the focal point of all my approaches to solo recording since more than a decade,” he continued.

For the composer and multi-instrumentalist, “the inspiration is in all the sounds heard throughout the days, in the songs and in the conversations and in each heard story and felt emotion. For me, it is very clear that we are just a kind of filter experiential, and hence I try and keep myself aware of my experiences.

His work stems from an exercise in balance between total surrender and some restraint, a quality he claims to have learned from Anthony Hopkins’ interpretation of “The Silence of the Lambs” in which he emphasizes “patience in the method of producing meaning“.

The actor’s performance ultimately had a direct impact on his music, and explains that “there is a time for affectation and for widespread melodrama.” “I am interested, for years, in what is minimal and carefully gradual, subtle development and a focused intention,” he told. “These things are present in his performance [Hopkins] and are very important tools.

Along with his solo work, Colin Stetson has collaborated with artists such as Tom Waits, Laurie Anderson, Lou Reed, Evan Parker, David Gilmore, LCD Soundsystem and Arcade Fire, and built the soundtracks for several films.

With Tom Waits, he learned to “let go of the music of the ego and ego,” to “identify what a specific song or movie needs to be complete and to resist the temptation to introduce more than just that they need is extremely important.

There is in every performance of the musician an enormous physical effort, which results from the method and dynamics used in his interpretation of the saxophones and clarinets, using a unique technique of circular breathing, with which he creates a complex, multiphonic sound in layers, and which requires a great deal of preparation.

Of course I practice the music a lot. When I prepare for a tour, I play all day, every day, and do regular maintenance exercises on the instruments and in the improvisation and writing sessions – and all this is the key to getting depth of physical, mental and emotional connection to the songs, and a sense of trust in them that I demand in order to be able to interpret them in public, “he explained.

Colin Stetson, on a European tour, arrives in Portugal for three concerts taking place in Braga, Lisbon and Ponta Delgada, on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, respectively.


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