Colina das Artes 2023 honors Natália Correia

COLINA DAS ARTES is back in the Parish of São Vicente in Lisbon, with an entirely free program that includes music, literature, fado, cinema, outdoor activities for the whole family and an exhibition entirely dedicated to Natália Correia.

After the success of the first edition that took place on the 9th, 10th and 11th of September 2022, the 2023 edition of COLINA DAS ARTES now extends over 8 days of intense cultural programming, from the 8th to the 16th of September, in various spaces in the Parish of São Vicente.

In the year in which the centenary of the birth of Natália Correia is celebrated, the programming of COLINA DAS ARTES 2023 pays homage to one of the most relevant figures of national culture, who had this typical neighborhood of Lisbon as his “headquarters”. Co-founder of Botequim da Liberdade in 1971 [currently Botequim da Graça], with Isabel Meireles, Júlia Marenha and Helena Roseta, Natália Correia fought for the values of freedom and the feminist struggle, making Botequim a space for political gatherings, meetings literary and café-concert.

In this context, the programming of the 2023 edition of COLINA DAS ARTES bets, as a tribute to the Azorean writer, on a strong female presence, based on the concept of “MATRIA”.

Among the highlights of this year’s program are two days entirely dedicated to Fado [8 and 9 September], at Parque do Patriarcado and Mercado de Santa Clara (next to Feira da Ladra), which include “FADOS DE SÃO VICENTE” (8th) , the show “AS CANÇÕES DE CARLOS DO CARMO” with the participation of Rita Guerra, Filipa Vieira and Beatriz Felício (9th) and “CONVERSAS DO FADO” which promote the encounter between singers and writers.

During the week, there will be a movie projection with a schedule that will be announced soon.

On the 13th of September, the date on which she would have completed 100 years of life, an exhibition entirely dedicated to Natália Correia will open to the public at Igreja da Graça.

On the 15th and 16th of September, the musical program takes place at Largo da Graça, the Cloisters of Igreja da Graça and the Sophia de Mello Breyner Viewpoint, with concerts by MARIA JOÃO & MÁRIO LAGINHA (15th), AUREA (16th) and Combos of Jazz at the HOT CLUB DE PORTUGAL (15th and 16th).

Similar to what happened in the first edition, the programming of COLINA DAS ARTES 2023 will also include several conversations and gatherings with writers, musicians and journalists, as well as a cycle of short films in partnership with the VILA DO CONDE International Short Film Festival .

Based on the premise of cultural diversity, which is a genetic mark of the city of Lisbon and the vibrant Parish of São Vicente, COLINA DAS ARTES will occupy streets and emblematic places of Graça and São Vicente de Fora. Dedicated to all those who live in and visit the Parish of São Vicente, this is an event that refuses borders, focusing on cultural diversity, on the multiple uses of shared spaces and on the intersection and dialogue between audiences, communities and generations.

COLINA DAS ARTES is an event promoted and organized by the Parish Council of São Vicente and designed, programmed and produced by Produtores Associados.

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