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Coliseu dos Recreios receives the centenary gala of Amália Rodrigues with Cuca Roseta, Joana Amendoeira, Katia Guerreiro, Ricardo Ribeiro, among others

After the first gala of the centennial of Amália Rodrigues in the Colosseum of Porto, it was now the turn of the recesses receiving spectacle that reinforces the richness and artistic diversity of the work of the Portuguese Diva

The second gala of celebrations of the centenary of the birth of Amália Rodrigues was held in the Coliseum of Recreios, on October 9th. The two spectacles in Porto and Lisbon were organized by the Amália Rodrigues Foundation (FAR) and produced by Vibes & Beats.

The original spectacles are in the programming of the centenary in order to strengthen the richness and artistic diversity of the work of Amália in several areas, in a sense tribute to a Portuguese that led to the four corners of the world the identity of the Portuguese people.

The great show started with a medley of the songs “Amália”, “Não sei porque te foste embora”, “Lá porque tens cinco pedras”, “Sangue Toureiro” and “Boa Nova” by the fadistas Joana de Deus, Maura Airez, Tiago Correia , Rui Vaz and Beatriz Felício, accompanied by the musicians Pedro de Castro and Luís Guerreiro, on the Portuguese guitars, André Ramos, on the Viola, and Francisco Gaspar, on the bass.

After the intervention of the President of the Amália Foundation, Professor Vicente Rodrigues, performed Gonçalo Salgueiro with “Entrega”, “Meia noite e uma guitarra”, “Povo que lavas no rio” and “April in Portugal”, and then Cuca Roseta with the themes “Malhoa”, “La vie en rose”, “Foi Deus” and “Marcha do Centenário”.”

In addition to music, it was also highlighted the poetry that Amália wrote, declaimed in the moments “Words of Amália” by the voice of Lúcia Moniz.

We also heard the performances of Peu Madureira who sang “Avé Maria fadista”, “Nome de rua”, “Vitti na Croza” and “Estranha Forma de Vida”, Joana Amendoeira with the“Abandono”, “Madrugada de Alfama”, “Lavava no rio, lavava” and “Canzone per Te”, Ricardo Ribeiro with”“Gaivota”, “Grito”, “Fado Primavera” and “Peropompero”and finally Katia Guerreiro who closes the great night with the themes“Prece”, “Rosa Vermelha”, “Amália, nome de Lisboa” and “Amor de Mel, Amor de Fel”.

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