Coliseu received the excellent Grand Gala of Fado from Rádio Amália

Marco Rodrigues, Beatriz Felício, José Cid, José Gonçalez, António Pinto Basto and Lenita Gentil

With the sponsorship of Rádio Amália, the Great Fado Gala took place last Sunday at the Coliseu dos Recreios in Lisbon, with the participation of several renowned fado singers from the Portuguese national scene.

In front of a full house, fado was sung to the delight of an audience passionate about this musical genre.

Also noteworthy is the presence of many foreigners, who are also very fond of this musical genre.

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Marco Rodrigues was chosen to warm up the audience, having sung themes like Fado do Cobarde”, “O Vapor with lyrics by Carlão and “O Tempo”.

Fado singer Marco Rodrigues did not fail to pay tribute to Carlos do Carmo, who died on January 1, 2021, who says about him “who made him fall in love with fado, with whom he maintained a relationship of great affection, almost paternal…” dedicating the themes “Bairro Alto” and that which was considered the hymn of the city of LisbonLisboa, Menina e Moça”.

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This was followed by the friendly Beatriz Felício with “Eu já não sei”, “Beijo de Amora”, “Saudades da Júlia Mendes”, “Já me Deixou”” and “Não Gosto de Ti”.

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José Cid followed with O Fado de Nossa Senhora”, “Se Eu pudesse Voar”, “Santo António de Lisboa”, “Lisboa, a lenda de Princesa and “O Fado do Sonho”.

The artist confessed that he had the dream, as an amateur fado singer (so it is considered) to sing on the stage of the Coliseum the old woman’s fadoO Fado de Nossa Senhora”, which received a great ovation from the public.

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José Gonzalez had not sung for eight months, thanked the invitation to be on stage and sang “Mundo de Menino“, “O Mar, o Céu e a Terra“, “Não me Procures“, a “modest” Fado by Júlio Proença, ” O Rapaz da Camisola Verde “, ending his performance with “Não me cantes esse Fado“, with lyrics and music by the late Carlos Paião.

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The Fado festivity continued with António Pinto Basto, who thanked Rádio Amália for the invitation to participate in this Grand Fado Gala, and for being able to go up to a stage to sing.

The charismatic artist who immediately snatched whoever was in the room, sang “A Canção da Rosa Branca”, with verses by Rosa Lobato FariaTango quase Fado” and “Graça”, these two themes belonging to the CDEléctrico 28”, with lyrics by Amadeu Dinis da Fonseca he sang “Ó Portela vem à Janela” and finally put the whole room singing with the verses of Joaquim Banza and the theme “Açorda Alentejana”.

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The end of the afternoon was approaching and it was time for us to hear the Great Lenita Gentil who began her performance with a poem by Fernando Pessoa singing “Sol nulo dos dias vãos”, followed by “Olhos Garotos”. From Frederico Valério he sang the fado “Só à Noitinha” and the traditional fado “Fado Mouraria”.

From her last album entitled “Lenita” the fado singer sang “Rosa Caída”.

The concert came to an end with Frederico Valério’s fado “Ai Mouraria”.

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The fado singer did not fail to call the other artists to the stage to receive the deserved ovation from the public, as it was, without a doubt, an excellent Fado show.

José Augusto Madaleno, director of Rádio Amália took the stage to thank the presence of all those present, as well as to the fadistas, saying that “… in seventeen months that Rádio Amália did not have a live gala, having the last big gala was the Christmas Party, held at Casino Estoril in 2019… ”.

Rádio Amália is also to be congratulated for this artistic production, which brought together different styles of Fado and Fadistas.

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