Collective Meeting: 85 jewelers from around the world on display in Porto

The Collectiva, an independent jewelry jewelery platform, has invited designers from around the world to an unprecedented exhibition of contemporary jewelery in Porto. The exhibition, with sale to the public, opens on September 22 at the Bombarda Shopping Center in Oporto.

Formed by eight Portuguese designers, Collectiva is a platform for the promotion of contemporary jewelery, exposing and disseminating the work of national and international authors. The first edition of the Collective Meeting – International Exhibition materializes this vision, bringing to Porto the work of 85 jewelers from all over the world.

The exhibition opens on September 22, under the scope of the Simultaneous Inaugurations of Miguel Bombarda and will be attended by some of the authors on display. The show will be featured in the central hall of Bombarda Shopping Center and the Collectiva gallery store, also located there, remaining until the end of October.

The selection results from an international call to which more than 100 applications have been accepted. The curator was in charge of Collectiva, based on criteria of innovation and creativity. Among the 85 authors selected, there are more than 15 nationalities, most notably Japan, Korea, China, Russia, Brazil, Canada, Germany, United Kingdom, Italy, Turkey, Greece, among others.

The exhibition will present heterogeneous proposals, in inspiration, concept and materials used. As the founding designers of the platform explained, “Collectiva was born as an inclusive project, with the mission of promoting author’s jewelery as a form of artistic expression that, together with the craftsmanship of its creation, allows to offer unique pieces, but at the same time democratic and accessible to the public. We also want to demystify the idea that author jewelery is a niche product. The creative diversity we present in this exhibition shows how contemporary jewelery offers proposals for all tastes. ”

“As designers we participate regularly, individually or collectively, at international fairs and events where we have contact with designers from all over the world. We want the Collectiva Meeting to become an annual meeting point for contemporary jewelery, where artists have the opportunity to exhibit their work and at the same time interact and share experiences with each other, “he adds.

In addition to the exhibition and sale of the collections, the selected authors will still qualify for various prizes. The platform invited a panel of experts to award the ‘Collective Meeting Award’, in which three brands will be invited to join the gallery shop for a period of three months, and the ‘Portojóia Prize’, which will elect a selection from 8 to 10 brands for the Collectiva Meeting space at the main national jewelery fair, from September 27th to 30th.

The invited jury is formed by Carlos Silva, Portuguese Ambassador at Art Jewelry Forum, Fátima Santos, Secretary General of AORP – Portuguese Silverware and Watch Association, Nelson Vieira, stylist and fashion art director, Olga Noronha, coordinator of the ESAD Jewelery Course and Vera Deus, stylist and fashion consultant.

More there is more. Faire Magazine has joined the event and will award a brand with an interview and exclusive fashion editorial in the magazine. The public is also invited to vote on its author of election, who will have direct entry in the Collective Meeting of 2019.

Being an independent platform of author jewelery, Collectiva brings together the works of eight young permanent creators and four invited, who alter periodically. Ana Bragança Jewelery, Ana Joao Santos, Joana Santos – Author Jewelery, Lia Gonçalves – Author Jewelery, Mater Jewelery Tales, Marta Pinto Ribeiro Contemporary Jewelery, Susana Teixeira and Telma DA. Formed in architecture, design, art and even mathematics, the authors found in their jewelery their creative language. All parts are hand made and many are limited edition.

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