“Colonial Wars” by Jorge Ferraz now available on the bandcamp

Jorge Ferraz, a Portuguese avant-garde musician and composer, today edits his most recent album Colonial Wars, which will only be available in digital format and on Bandcamp.

But why the name of Colonial Wars to this album of 27 themes, mostly instrumental? The musician and composer Jorge Ferraz explains to us that “there is no linear response, as it only appeared when part of the songs was already composed. It started as the result of a kind of awareness of the direction suggested by the songs he was composing, for the texts and poets that I was choosing and for the themes that I’m worried about. Then, that was a reason to think about new songs and themes and to shape better and more consequently what had already been done before. there are things on the album that I know what it is about and others that I can’t quite figure out where they are going and that I want to leave like this”.

There is a whole logic between all the themes presented in Colonial Wars, from instrumentals to sung (as a declamation by the artist Ondina Pires). For Jorge Ferraz, this record turns out to be “a kind of collection of musical poems about the magical, kaleidoscopic, fascinating and deeply frightening dimension that our world, our dreams and technology offer us. There, where the biological intersects with technology, machines gain demiurgical properties and viruses become our strange colonist brothers and acquire the ability to dream. There, where the whole encounter turns into a civil war between brothers who do not know they are, in an eternal downturn. density in a futuristic jungle that is hostile to us with the wreckage of a human world that some strangely want to dominate. The slow and sometimes sadly violent disagreement as a way of life. The texts of the 5 non-instrumental themes, by F. Garcia Lorca, V. Maiakovksi, A. Artaud (this one, premonitoryly about plague and epidemic) and from the book of the Apocalypse of John of the New Testament, read by Ondina Pires, also lead us there. ”

Speaking of Ondina Pires (music, visual artist and many other things), we asked Jorge Ferraz why she participated in this album. The composer gave us exactly 5 reasons for this to happen “She is a longtime friend; she is a very creative artist with a beautiful voice, which says very well and serves the texts used a thousand wonders. She had previously worked with her and with gratifying results: in the 1st phase of Ezra Pound and Loucura (1983-84) before joining Pop Dell ‘Arte, when I produced the second album of one of the bands to which she belonged, The Great Lesbian Show; Cellarius Noisy Machinae collective to which we both belong, we share an old passion for the texts and poets chosen for the album, as well as for the dreamlike, excessive and apocalyptic dimension of much of what appears in the Bible, and some of the themes of the album are developments and mutations songs and texts that appeared in the multimedia show “Frankenstein Revisited” by Cellarius Noisy Machinae “.

The Colonial Wars album, available from today, only on the artist’s Bandcamp is announced with a video of the theme “How to recognize your own logic Frankenstein” created by Vasco Bação and Carlos Mendes, authors of the documentary “Ama Romanta – Uma utopia que made records ”

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