Colorful and ‘somber’ spring collections on the second day of ModaLisboa

The collection in spring tones of Ricardo Preto contrasted today with the more ‘somber’ proposals of David Ferreira and Valentim Quaresma, in the mounted passerelle of the Pavilion Carlos Lopes, within the framework of the 51st edition of ModaLisboa.

Ricardo Preto’s ‘Now’ collection was the last to be presented on the second day of the 51st edition of ModaLisboa.

For the spring of next year, Ricardo Preto bet on a “very feminine” collection, which is “a continuation of the characteristics of the Ricardo Preto brand, which is an ‘effortless chic’.

“I always try to make the woman look sophisticated, but at the same time very comfortable. Since I’ve been insisting on this for many years, I think this collection was the best I’ve ever done,” he said at the end of the parade.

To create the pieces, Ricardo Preto is inspired “always in the present and in the future, in the rhythm of life”, in the music he hears, in the books he reads and “always in the present”.

“I see people today.I’m not a man who takes work to great delusions, I like fantasy, but clothing is something we put on a daily basis, an intimate thing, I’m very careful with the fabrics, the touch is very important,” he defended .

In this collection, the fashion designer tried “new colors” such as strong yellow or turquoise. “It’s very difficult when I make a collection, choose colors, leave colors out. I like color very much and this collection is spring / summer, and it has to be more colorful collections, the sun asks for it,” he shared.

In the materials he uses a lot of fluid but also structured fabrics, mixing silks, cottons and even wool, “that cold summer wool.”

Before, two collections had been presented a little more “somber”.

David Ferreira showed a collection composed only of black pieces of clothing, inspired by the documentary “Gray Gardens” (1975) by Albert and David Maysles.

And while the “S-T-A-U-N-C-H” collection looks a bit gloomy, it is rather “a celebration of the beauty found in decadence.”

“I tend to go for sadder things as inspiration, but this time, instead of making it more joyful, I decided to enter into the spirit and show almost the beauty that I can see in things that most people find ugly or not so beautiful, “he explained at the end of the parade, which took place at the Carlos Lopes Pavilion.

The previous collections of David Ferreira, which debuted at ModaLisboa in May 2016, are characterized by having a lot of color and silhouettes quite large.

In the collection presented today, “there are still bulky pieces, but the collection itself called for something more fluid, something more linear, due to inspiration.” “[In the documentary] the whole ‘look’ is always cleaner,” he said.

Valentim Quaresma, for spring of next year, proposes “a trip to the influences of Art Deco in architecture and the industrial revolution of the 1920s”, where black and brown are dominant colors.

In the collection, especially of jewelry, the coexistence of natural materials, such as wood and amber, with noble materials, such as brass and copper, is notorious.

The 51st edition of ModaLisboa continues on Saturday with parades at the National Museum of Ancient Art and the Eduardo VII Park, the Carlos Lopes Pavilion and the Botequim do Rei lake.

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