Mel starts tomorrow – arts picnic 2022

We present a learning service, organized around the experimentation of the phenomenon of the camera obscura, an optical device that forms the basis of photography. Film, video and music are other disciplines designed to complete the program.



August 19 (Friday)
16:00 | Learning Service | CAMERA obscura | Photography
20:00 | Picnic
21:30 | ACE OF SPADES, by Rúben Marques | Movie theater
22:30 | LUÍZ CARACOL | Song

August 20 (Saturday)
16:00 | Learning Service | CAMERA obscura | Photography
20:00 | Picnic
21:00 | WELCOME TO THE ANTHROPOCENE | music and video
22:00 | WHALE, WHALE, WHALE | Song
23:15 | KILLIMANJARO | Song


Honey is a food with several uses and necessarily collaborative production. It is the only food with no expiration date. Amphorae were found for more than 3000 years in which the honey contained in them was in perfect conditions for consumption.

Mel Picnic of the Arts is an artistic, multicultural, interdisciplinary, and inclusive event, with awareness, ecology, and citizenship as central values of the entire project.

The target audience is families, covering all age groups and different family backgrounds, in a welcoming environment, with heterogeneous proposals that enhance intergenerational and intercultural coexistence.

O Mel – Picnic of the arts defends 3 starting points:

With all this, we intend a project of continuity, reflection, and sharing.


The festival, which will take place on the 19th and 20th of August 2022, will take place at Parque da Devesa, in Vila Nova de Famalicão.

We return to the theme chosen for the fourth edition:
“THE UNSpeakable” [in·di·ziʹable (un- + unsayable)].

It is addressed in the following dimensions:
– What cannot be said [the inexplicable];
– What cannot be said [the sacred].

It unfolds in the following three programmatic cycles: experience, memory, and myth.

We start from the phenomenon of emergence, associated with theories of complex systems, understood as the process of forming complex patterns from a multiplicity of relatively simple interactions.

Popularly, one of the proposed explanations of an emerging phenomenon is postulated by the following maxim: “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” Consciousness itself is an emergent phenomenon: it is the synapses generated between the various neurons that generate the conscious process.

Culture is an emerging phenomenon. An isolated individual, even if he is a complex system, does not generate culture. It is the interaction between individuals that generate attitudes, practices, goals, objectives, customs, knowledge, and beliefs, that is, core values. Most of these interactions are intangible, giving rise to undisclosed processes that, however, emerge in a given system.

These are the same values ​​that feedback the system, re-transmitted to its elements. It is precisely this feedback that enables the survival of a complex system. A culture that fails to absorb, adapt and produce values ​​tends to extinction. It happened to civilizations, organizations, languages, religions, communities, and species.

Learning allows for the feedback of a culture. The ability to reflect on the usefulness of transmitted values ​​and the production of new values ​​reveals its vitality. If we prefer, the invisible part that informs the sayable is revealed.

From an experience, a memory is created, and transmitted in time within a culture until it becomes a myth. The unspeakable becomes sayable, either through explanation or through sacralization.

At present we are concerned with the relationship of our species in the ecosystem. The consumerist values ​​that were transmitted to us proved to be harmful to the survival of several species, including ours. Mel – Picnic das Artes organizes its program based on the awareness of the relationship between systems and on the processes of learning values.

Promoting entity: Elogio Vádio – Association
Event: Mel – Picnic of the Arts –
Date: August 19 and 20, 2022
Location: Devesa Park – Vila Nova de Famalicão
Access: Free
Institutional Partner: Famalicão City Council
Communication: Fenther Compress

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