MUMI 2021 starts today at Eurocity Tui-Valença

The Professional Music Meeting in Minho, which runs until September 11th, started today after the cultural uncertainties of recent times.

The first move took place today at the Superior School of Business Sciences in Valença. Speedmeetings, the opening of the expo “cantáMOLA en galego”, the first conversations on the topic “Copyrights and artists’ rights” and the first showcase by José Valente in the auditorium, provide the best scenario for the start of MUMI 2021.

Until Saturday, in addition to the scheduled meetings, loose and professional conversations, there are many concerts by bands and artists from Galicia and Portugal that will undoubtedly be the backbone of MUMI 2021, and where you can find the concerts of Barry White Gone Wrong, Cassete Pirata, Conjunto!Evite, emmy Curl, Jorge da Rocha, Káustika, TAKATUM presenting Ah!Ah!Ah!, The Guit Kune Do, Familia Caamagno, Magín Blanco & A banda das apertas, Oîma, O Sonoro Maxín, Pálida, Pulpiño Viascón, Silvia Penide and Xacobe Martínez Antelo Quinteto

The rain forecast led the MUMI organization to move some of the planned stages to the outer areas of Valença and Tui. All changes at and all information at

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