Comedians The Portuguese Kids on tour in Australia already plan series

The trio of Portuguese-American comedians The Portuguese Kids begins this Friday a tour of Australia, with stops in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth to show the ‘Live, Laugh, Sausage Tour!’ Show.

Derrick DeMelo, Brian Martins and Al Sardinha wrote a two-hour show “on the adventures and tribulations of growing up as children of immigrants,” Lusa DeMelo, a spokeswoman for the “ethnic comedy” group who already has plans to create a TV Series.

“We liked sausage so much that we could live on it, it’s a funny joke,” explained the Portuguese-American about the title of the new show, which went through California last weekend.

The group “always knew there were many luscendants” in Australia, “a unique country” because of the volume of local community messages it received on the Facebook page and the YouTube channel. The expected audiences on Australian dates are 300 to 500 people per show, said Derrick DeMelo.

In addition to the comedy about the specificities of Portuguese immigration, which includes anecdotes about “the language barrier” and “growing up with very protective parents,” the show “Live, Laugh, Sausage Tour!” has a component of improvisation and interaction with elements of the public, which are not always lusodescendentes.

“We have a growing number of non-Portuguese,” said Derrick DeMelo, noting that many fans of The Portuguese Kids are people who have luscendent friends or marry someone in the community and like references from the group whose comedy is “different from what they used to be to see”.

What is not included is any political reference, contrary to what other comedians have done in the United States. “People want to escape reality,” DeMelo said, pointing to the excess of “negativity” that dominates American society at the moment.

After the Australian tour, Luso-Americans intend to “slow down” to write more and work on a pilot for a television series, an ambition that has been around for some time and now has “a few opportunities” to happen.

“We have not talked to anyone but the people who can help us get in the right door,” said the comedian. “We are working on a pilot,” he said, adding that it will have a “broader” thematic character and a “mix of cultures.”

Originally from the state of Massachusetts, the three comedians are particularly popular in the Azores, from which a large part of Portuguese immigration originates in the United States.

“We could not walk the street ten minutes without being stopped to take a picture or sign an autograph,” said Derrick DeMelo. “A lot of people have cousins ??in America and take a look at us.”

The trio does about 150 shows a year, “a full-time job,” and has a site where it sells Portuguese t-shirts and products, like Barcelos roosters.

The Australian tour starts in Sydney on Friday and ends in Perth on the 22nd. For July 2019 there is already a return to Portugal, which The Portuguese Kids want to turn into a multi-date tour.

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