Comedy Therapy is back at Casino Lisboa

On 14th September, at 9 pm, the Oceanos Auditorium at Casino Lisboa will host Comedy Therapy. André de Freitas, David Cristina, Joana Gama, Pedro Alves and Tânia Graça star in a show full of moments of good humor.

Bring your problems, we’ll take care of the rest. There are four comedians and a mental health professional who are together to laugh, dissect and, hopefully, help the public as well.

After an incredible first half of stand-up, the audience will be invited to write down their problems, concerns and anxieties, anonymously of course.

In the second part, the panel of comedians and the specialist discuss them in the hope of finding a solution or, in the case of the comedians, probably talking a little more about themselves, despite no one having asked.

Comedy Therapy is a good plan for viewers to try to soothe their problems because after doctors, medicines, shamans, Chinese medicine, acupuncture and money (too much), laughter is perhaps the best medicine.

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