25 April celebrations in digital format in Faro

In times of state of emergency and social isolation, the celebrations of the 25th of April are again confined to the digital platforms and social networks of the municipality of Faro

In the month that marks the 47th anniversary of the Revolution of the 25th of April and the 45th anniversary of the Constitution of the Portuguese Republic, the Municipality of Faro presents a cycle of four conferences to commemorate the conquest of freedom.

The first conference of the cycle, organized by the cultural association “Modos e Olhares”, under the coordination of Afonso Dias and with the support of the autarchy, takes place on April 5, at 6 pm, with the theme “The Constituent and the PIDE” and will be given by Professor Irene Pimentel.

On April 9, the second conference will be broadcast, also at 6 pm, with a conversation spearheaded by the poet José Fanha, around his poem “We were born to have wings”.

The cycle continues on April 16, at the same time, this time with professors Júlio Machado Vaz and Manuel Sobrinho Simões who will talk about “April 25, 47 years later in the middle of a pandemic”, in their “Old Friends” program, on Antena 1.

The last conference will take place on April 22, at 6 pm, with the theme “Singularidades do 25 de Abril”, promoted by Martins Guerreiro.

The celebration’s program also includes the concert “Canto Livre”, by the band Conclave, with the artists Afonso Dias, Luís Henrique, Pedro Gil and Tânia Silva, on April 24 at 10 pm, also presented through YouTube and social networks of autarchy.

The Municipality of Faro invites the population to participate in the celebrations of Freedom Day and to watch the live sessions on the Youtube channel of the Municipality of Faro here.

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