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European Commission finances 9 innovative Portuguese projects with 5.7 million euros

  • Horizon Europe competition in the area of ​​Climate, Energy and Mobility
  • The projects have the participation of 17 Portuguese entities

The European Commission allocated around €5.7 M to Portuguese entities, within the scope of a transversal tender aimed at Cluster 5 of Horizon Europe: Climate, Energy and Mobility.

In total, 38 R&D projects were submitted with national participation, of which nine were selected for funding, which represents a success rate of 24% compared to the European average.

These results relate to part of the 2021 tender of cluster 5 and correspond to 17% of the total tender funding. In Portugal, this cluster is monitored by the National Innovation Agency, within the scope of the PERIN network.

The nine projects with national participation:

  • ADVAGEN: Development of advanced next-generation solid-state batteries for electromobility applications – with the participation of INEGI;
  • BOLSTER: Building bridges with marginalized communities for local sustainability transitions in Europe – with SPI participation;
  • DUT: European Partnership for Urban Transitions – with the participation of CCDR-N, CCDR-C, DGEG, DGT and FCT;
  • GIGAGREEN: Towards a sustainable giga-factory: Development of green cell manufacturing processes – with the participation of INEGI;
  • GREENET: National Contact Points for the green transition: climate, energy and mobility – with the participation of ANI;
  • PULSELiON: Pulsed laser deposition technology for the manufacture of solid-state batteries supported by digitalization – with the participation of INEGI and the University of Porto;
  • RELiEF: Lithium recycling from secondary and other raw materials – with the participation of INEGI, Pegmatítica and Universidade Nova de Lisboa;
  • SPINMATE: Scalable and sustainable pilot line based on innovative manufacturing technologies for the industrialization of solid-state batteries for the automotive sector – with the participation of INEGI and INOVA+;
  • SSTAR: Innovative high voltage solid-state transformer to maximize the penetration of renewable energy in energy distribution and transmission systems – with the participation of Efacec Energia.

In just over a month, these are the second results from Horizon Europe that we have announced. These results of the competitions for clusters 4 and 5, as a whole, finance 39 projects with the participation of 34 Portuguese entities. In total, they raised funding for their R&D projects in the accumulated amount of 26.7 M€. I believe, therefore, that we are on the right path towards what is a goal that ANI considers achievable, that Portugal will be able to raise around two thousand M€ by 2027, that is, double what it raised in Horizon 2020”, says Joana Mendonça, president of ANI.

The competition included 16 topics with a total budget of 251 M€, 2.3% of which was allocated to 17 Portuguese entities participating in the nine innovative projects that received funding.

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