“Como Tu” and “Onde Vais” by Bárbara Bandeira with gold and double platinum certification

Bárbara Bandeira’s latest single with Ivandro has been number 1 on the top of the official singles for 3 consecutive weeks, in the same week that the artist is nominated for the MTV awards.

Bárbara Bandeira is going through an incredible moment in her career and the good news keeps coming. Her singles “Onde Vais” feat. Carminho e “Como Tu” feat. Ivandro arrive this week at the certification of Double Platinum and Gold, respectively. The latter, released on September 9, remains at the top of the official singles chart for 3 consecutive weeks.

Como Tu” feat. Ivandro already has almost two million listens on the Spotify platform and also remains at No. 1 on YouTube, with the video already getting almost three million views in just over a month.

As for “Onde Vais” feat. Carminho, the numbers are also truly incredible: the song has about five and a half million streams on Spotify and on YouTube, its video has already been viewed more than twelve and a half million times and is still at the top of videos at position 14 one year after its launch in 2021.

Meanwhile, Bárbara Bandeira is nominated for the famous MTV Awards in the category of Best Portuguese Artist, after having also been nominated recently for the Portuguese Music Play Awards where she ended up winning with the song “Onde Vais” feat. Carminho. This year, she was also nominated for the Golden Globes.

All great news that does justice to the talent and total commitment of the young artist, today considered one of the greatest certainties of Portuguese music.

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