Comodoro Amigo releases new album “Atari Hanzo”

After having unveiled the singles “Bretton Woods” and “Polaroid Android”, Comodoro Amigo will release his debut album “Atari Hanzo” on May 26, 2023, a date that will coincide with his live performance, which will take place at Associação LAC (Laboratório de Actividades Criativas), in the former prison of Lagos, transformed into a hub of artistic residencies.

Like Moreia Elétrica’s label, Atari Hanzo is the celebration of a geek imaginary converted to pop culture. Not disguising his flirtation with a technological world in the age of “whys”, Comodoro Amigo uses and abuses puerile electronics, lo-fi, but crossed with organic instruments, to color his debut album.

Despite some approximations to a retro aesthetic, this is not a nostalgia project, just a project with memory. Perhaps for this reason, the language has “retroactive effects”, but with contemporary applicability, not only because of the personalized production, but above all because of the social scrutiny of the words, which assume a central place in this project.

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