Companhia Nacional de Ballet presents ‘The Nutcracker’ in Almada

The choreography ‘The Nutcracker’ will be performed by the National Ballet Company (CNB) on Friday and Saturday at 9:00 pm at the Joaquim Benite Municipal Theater in Almada.

According to the company’s schedule, the show, which was held at the Camões Theater in Lisbon from 6 to 22 December, will now be on tour to Almada.

The choreography is by Mehmet Balkan, the music by Tchaikovski, the dramaturgy of Mehmet Balkan and Olaf Zombeck, according to the story of Ernst Hoffman, the scenarios and costumes of Olaf Zombeck, with the light drawing of Cristina Piedade.

The musical interpretation is of the Portuguese Symphonic Orchestra, with the Children’s Choir of Lisbon and the Women’s Choir of the Lisbon Conservatory.

As for the interpretation of the choreography, it is made by the artists of Companhia Nacional de Bailado and by students of the School of Dance of the National Conservatory.

Based on the tale ‘The Nutcracker and the King of the Rats’, by the German writer Ernst Hoffman, the ballet tells the story of a girl named Clara who, on Christmas night, dreams of the Nutcracker Soldier.

In the story, the soldier enters a fierce battle against the King of the Rats – another of the main characters of the tale – and is in grave danger, but Clara, overcoming his own fears, enters this battle and defeats the rodent, beating him with his slippers on his head.

When he conquers, the soldier becomes a prince and leads Clara through the forest, where they watch the snowflake dance, destined to the Kingdom of the Wonders, according to history.

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