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Companhia Olga Roriz, Teatro O Bando and Banda Sinfónica Portuguesa premiere “1001 Noites – Sister Palestine”

Coliseu Porto Ageas

  • May 18th – Coliseu Porto Ageas ABSOLUTE PREMIERE
  • May 30th to June 2nd – São Luiz Municipal Theater
  • June 7th to 16th – Cine Teatro São João de Palmela
  • 6th of July – Almada Theater Festival

“1001 Nights – Sister Palestine” is a co-creation of Teatro O Bando and Companhia Olga Roriz, in partnership with the Portuguese Symphonic Band, where theatre, dance and music lead the public through an anthology of stories preserved in the ancient oral tradition, in one of the most important works of universal literature, “The Thousand and One Nights”.

Under the joint artistic direction of Olga Roriz and João Brites, the show features a cast of eight actors and dancers who represent numerous characters, including Xariar, Xerazade and Doniazade, represented by Maria Dally, a Palestinian dancer, Xerazade’s sister, who with she confides and devises the plan that saves the population from King Xariar’s wrath. They are also joined by a group of 30 musicians performing live the music composed by Jorge Salgueiro and Fábio Marques.

The origin of the stories in “The Arabian Nights” embodies a civilizational transversality that relates to different points of view, different points of origin, and different peoples, bringing us together around the countless variants of the work that circulate in Asia, in Latin America, in Europe. Like Scheherazade, the mission is to tell stories to survive, yes, but also to change the world.

1001 noites irmã palestina low fotoritasantana2
1001 Noites – Irmã Palestina © Rita Santana

Part of the celebrations of the 50th anniversary of Teatro O Bando, the show represents the search for the truths that are hidden in fiction and the illusions that cloud reality, seeking to accept that, in a world so divided and with so many points of view, doubt and inquiry can also be places of recognition and encounter.

A journey through “A Thousand and One Nights”, the guiding thread of the tetralogy that over the next four years comes to life through the hands of different directors from Teatro O Bando, in which a new show is born from the end of the previous show. “1001 Nights – Sister Palestine” represents a new complicity in which Olga Roriz and João Brites intercept their creative processes. In each part of this tetralogy, Doniazade is represented by an actress from a different culture, who gives her name to each of the theatrical creations.

  • The show included in FITEI – International Theater Festival of Iberian Expression.
  • Artistic direction Olga Roriz and João Brites
  • Cast António Bollaño, Fabian Bravo, Maria Dally, Maria Fonseca, Marta Lobato Faria, Nicolas Brites, Rita Brito and Yonel Serrano
  • Musicians Portuguese Symphonic Band
  • Flute Carolina Brito and David Leão (Piccolo)
  • Oboe Diana Magalhães and Juliana Félix
  • Bassoon Beatriz Rios
  • Clarinet João Ramos and Horácio Ferreira (1st Clarinet), Bruno Silva and Rita Petiz (2nd Clarinet), Rui Lopes and Pedro
  • Ramos (3rd Clarinet), Filipe Pereira (Bass Clarinet)
  • Saxophone José Pedro Gonçalinho (Soprano), Rita Pereira (Alto), Rui Cunha (Tenor), Marcelo Marques (Baritone)
  • Horn Samuel Ferreira, André Gomes, Rui Pires and Cristóvão Silva
  • Trumpet Tiago Peixoto, Sérgio Pereira and Carlos Martinho
  • Trombone Tiago Nunes, Diogo Andrade and Gonçalo Dias
  • Tuba Xavier New
  • Percussion Jorge Lima, Paulo Mota and Pedro Góis
  • Text The thousand and one nights
  • Hugo Maia Translation
  • Dramaturgy and scenography João Brites
  • Co-creation of Teatro O Bando, Companhia Olga Roriz and Portuguese Symphonic Band
  • Coproduction Coliseu Porto / FITEI, São Luiz Municipal Theater / EGEAC

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