Company hired to recycle Apple products resold over one hundred thousand devices

Apple has announced that it is suing GEEP Canada, a company that specializes in recycling electronic components that had been contracted to safely dismantle the brand’s devices.

It has now been discovered that GEEP has not disposed of its products and has resold over a hundred thousand iPhones, iPads and iWatches of the brand. “At least 5.3 tons of Apple devices left the GEEP facility without being destroyed.

The complaint states that Apple, which sent more than 500,000 devices for recycling between January 2015 and December 2017, found in an audit that 18% of devices were still accessing cellular networks. This audit did not monitor the number of devices that do not connect to cellular radio networks, so the volume of devices resold by GEEP may be even greater.

GEEP defends itself by saying that it did not have any illegal practice and to mention that it was the victim of theft by three employees, something that it reported in a separate complaint. Apple, for its part, rejects this ‘excuse’ and identifies the three employees as being three top managers of the company, reports The Logic.

Although GEEP has always positioned itself as a recycler of electronic devices, the company does not hide that it also resells equipment, defending in its mission we encourage reuse whenever possible.

Apple’s understanding is that the resale of these devices was not specifically approved. Although there is a market in demand, products sent for recycling are not suitable for sale to consumers and if they are redone with counterfeit components they can cause serious safety problems, including electrical or battery defects.

Apple is now demanding damages of around 20 million euros from GEEP, after filing the complaint in January 2020 and discovering the scheme between 2017 and 2018.

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