Company Paulo Ribeiro joins curricular and dance disciplines

The Company Paulo Ribeiro goes for three years to cross dance with philosophy, literature and mathematics, in a project aimed at schools throughout the country that aims to bring the artistic thinking of the scientist closer together.

Entitled ‘Dance and Creative Teaching’, the project will be developed in 2019, 2020 and 2021, each year devoted to one of the curricular disciplines.

“We think they are challenging disciplines,” he told Lusa São Castro, who shares with António Cabrita the artistic direction of the contemporary dance company that lives in the Viriato Theater in Viseu.

The dancer and choreographer recalled that, since last year, the company has proposed “workshops” and “master classes” for professional and non-professionals in the area, which have been very interested in the community of Viseu.

“This led us to think about how we could create a project for a younger audience that would be a hybrid in the sense of going to schools, working in theatres and welcoming entities,” said Castro.

In this context, the Company Paulo Ribeiro has been disseminating the project, both in schools and in the educational services of theatres, with the possibility of having sessions for families.

“We thought that the best approach would be through disciplines of the curricular plan of the teaching that stimulate the contact with the practices of the body, with the movement, with the dance,” he justified.

Leonor Barata (Philosophy, for the 3rd cycle and secondary), Catarina Câmara (Literature, for the 2nd and 3rd cycles and secondary) and Pedro Carvalho (Mathematics, for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Cycles) will be the trainers.

According to San Castro, “they already have their own competences in each of these disciplines”, having been invited by the company to “explore the studies they have” in Philosophy, Literature and Mathematics, or “in contact with the body because they all have a dance training. ”

For example, Leonor Barata, who will be responsible for the first module in 2019, has a degree in Philosophy, a postgraduate degree in Artistic Studies and a dance education at Forum Dança, and has performed in various dance and theatre performances.

“Dance as an expression of individual feelings and emotions has long been interspersed with philosophical thought, as both try to organize the real that serves us as people and as citizens and forces us to break common ground in the analysis of problems and promote a truly reflective space, “says Leonor Barata.

São Castro has no doubt that “creative thinking always fosters critical thinking” and is therefore confident of the success of this project, both in the region of Viseu and beyond.

“The teacher will have to propose in his curricular plan to have this workshop as a moment of the school year. The trainers will then go to the schools and make the workshop with each class that the teacher has enrolled,” explained the choreographer.

Created in 1995, the Paulo Ribeiro Company has its own repertoire of pieces created and directed by Paulo Ribeiro (founder and one of the choreographers who was the origin of the artistic movement called Nova Dança Portuguesa) and other guest creators.

Since 1998, he is a company that lives in Viriato Theater, where he develops his research, creation, production, diffusion and training activities.

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