Competition rewards detection of plastics in the oceans

Launched in July, the “AI Moonshot Challenge” contest runs until October 4, announced Portugal Space, one of the promoters.

The best tender proposal, which combines satellite data and artificial intelligence to detect, characterize and quantify plastics in the oceans, but also rivers or lakes, will be known at the technological event Web Summit, scheduled for between December 2-4, in Lisbon.

Universities, scientific laboratories, private or public non-profit organizations dedicated to scientific research and companies can participate in the competition.

Although the “AI Moonshot Challenge” is aimed at national or foreign entities, the contest is intended to finance a research project that will be carried out from Portugal over two years.

Portugal Space has as partners of the “AI Moonshot Challenge”, which this year is holding its first edition, the company Unbabel Labs, the Foundation for Science and Technology, the European Space Agency (ESA), and the National Innovation Agency (ANI).

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