Composer Nuno Peixoto de Pinho wins the Classic Orchestra award

The composer Nuno Peixoto de Pinho, with the work “Agrypnia“, won the second edition of the prize Francisco Martins, instituted by the Classical Orchestra of the Center (OCC), informed the institution today.

The jury of this composition competition, composed of Luís Tinoco, Sérgio Azevedo, Dimitris Andrikopoulos and OCC Master Jan Wierzba, also decided to award two honourable mentions to Diogo André Novo Almeida Carvalho for the composition of the nerve, and Gerson of Sousa Batista, for ‘The Awakening of Cronus’, the Orchestra said in a press release.

Upon winning the composition competition, the work of Nuno Peixoto de Pinho will be edited by the AVA editions and interpreted by the Orquestra Clássica do Centro, on a date to be announced, said this entity.

According to the statement, Nuno Peixoto de Pinho began his musical studies at the age of 18, at the Music Academy of São João da Madeira.

Since joining the Composition course at the School of Music and Performing Arts (ESMAE) in Porto, he has worked with composers Cândido Lima, Fernando Lapa, Dimitris Andrikopoulos, Carlos Guedes, Eugénio Amorim and Eneko Vadillo Perez.

He is currently a professor at Espinho’s Music Academy and at the Universidade Católica Portuguesa, where he attends a doctorate in music informatics, “more specifically in the area of the computer as a tool to support orchestration“.

The winner of the Francisco Martins prize also receives a thousand euros from the Almedina Bookstores, who support the composition competition.

In 2017, the winner of the prize was Luis Carvalho, with the composition ‘Mosaico’.

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