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Conan Osiris | Theatro Circo

Conan Osiris
Theatro Circo
Tickets: €10 – €20

The arrival at the Lisbon Coliseum and Theatro Circo for a unique night comes after concerts in Sao Paulo, Berlin, Oslo, Paris and Barcelona, as well as the biggest festivals and most prestigious stages in our country. “Mobile Phones”, “Borrego”, “Amália” or “I love Cakes” are some of the unavoidable themes of Conan Osiris songbook, to hear and see in a show that fuses the limits of music and dance in a unique performance.

Conan presents his art in a duality, like life itself, between simplicity and complexity. It is the boy of the future who does not forget the past and makes “normal” music to live and celebrate.

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