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Conan Osiris with an amazing concert at the Coliseu dos Recreios

The Coliseu dos Recreios welcomed Conan Osiris with a sold-out concert last Thursday

Tiago Miranda, better known as Conan Osiris gave a memorable and breathtaking concert on December 12 at the Coliseu dos Recreios.

With a sold-out audience and high expectations, “Beija-Flor” was the first song heard on the Colosseum’s arena.

The murmur of enthusiasm ceased as the lights went out and the only voice heard was Conan’s voice, which had not yet appeared.

Conan entered the stage with “100 Paciencia” but it is not long before his faithful companion and dancer João Reis Moreira appears and brings with him the team Bolo de Arroz, consisting of 6 dancers.

Full of surprises, the concert offered fantastic moments since the famous song “Telemóveis“, which won the Portugal’s 2019 Song Festival, in which Conan took a more sentimental approach exposing his feelings.

In addition to Conan and his dancers, super special guests such as Ana Moura, Branko, Scúru Fitchádu and the group Pauliteiros de Miranda also took to the stage, each having their moment to shine.

For two hours, Conan conquered the audience, joining various styles of music such as fado, funaná, kuduro and even classical music!

Tiago Miranda proved to be a visionary artist without borders capable of impressing and ready to assume himself as the great pop artist of the generation.


Text: Margarida Rodrigues | Pictures: Margarida Rodrigues

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