SAFE Solidarity Concert raised 11,000 euros to help children victims of the war in Ukraine

Casino Estoril

Frente Solidária, an association that organized the “Safe” – Solidarity Concert for Peace at Casino Estoril, between the total revenue from the ticket office of the show held in the Black and Silver Hall, the sale of works of art and artistic jewellery in the panoramic foyer as well as of other cash donations on the spot, it raised the final amount of 11,020.00 euros, an amount that will be given in full to Unicef, for direct aid to children victims of the war in Ukraine.

The Solidarity Front thanks the public that was present, as well as all the artists, musicians, technicians, producers, creatives, and the multiple and most diverse actors, who with their talent, commitment, dedication and solidarity spirit, allowed the event to take place.

Special thanks to Casino Estoril, Galp, Chaves do Areeiro, Cascais City Council, sponsors and partners of the event, who, through their support, allowed the revenue from the show to be delivered in full to Unicef.

The event “Safe” – Solidarity Concert for Peace had the participation of artists Ana Laíns, Carlos Alberto Moniz, Carlos Tavares & The Lucky Duckies, Daniel Fernandes, Diana Lucas, Fernando Cunha & Banda, Lika (Kazakhstan), Luís Represas, Paula Teixeira and Tammy Weis (Canada). Also participating were Dalila Carvalho, from Antena 2, the Portuguese-Ukrainian historian Aline Gallash-Hall de Beauvink and the artist Carlos Sotto Mayor, ex-wife of actor Jean Paul Belmondo, who donated her jewellery to the event.

O autor e diretor artístico do evento, Fernando Pereira, teve também a seu cargo a apresentação, acompanhado pela atriz Patrícia Bull e pela apresentadora Lara Afonso. O espectáculo contou ainda com intervenções de Fernando Correia, presidente da direção da Frente Solidária e Ana Paula Almeida, jornalista da SIC.

Em paralelo realizou-se uma Exposição Solidária no Foyer Panorâmico com obras dos artistas plásticos e pintores: Bogdan Dide (Ucrânia), Larysa Kalinichenko (Ucrânia), Mariola Landowska (Polónia), Santiago Belacqua (Portugal) e Xicofran (Portugal). Cada artista plástico doou um quadro, cuja receita da venda reverteu integralmente para apoiar a UNICEF.

About the Solidarity Front
Frente Solidária is a non-profit association committed to promoting Peace, protecting the planet and the good of Humanity. In addition to the promotion and dissemination of great fraternal and solidary ideals, it intends with its action to actively and consistently contribute to the development of society and man, in all its philosophical, social and cultural dimensions.

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