Concerts and talks mark ‘Arte Non-Stop’ in Mértola

Concerts by musician Frankie Chavez and the band Andrage, talks and an exhibition mark the initiative “Arte Non-Stop” this year, from Friday until February 16, in the Alentejo village of Mértola.

The initiative, promoted by the Câmara de Mértola, in the district of Beja, will mark the 16th anniversary of Casa de Artes Mário Elias and include several activities of different artistic languages in various places of the village.

According to the municipality, the concerts of Frankie Chavez on Saturday and the band Andrage, on February 16 and closing this year’s edition, will take place at Cineteatro Marque Duque, from 21: 30.

The “Arte Non-Stop” starts on Friday with the inauguration of the exhibition “The informality of drawing – the art on the plate and the plate in the art“, which will be open to the public until February 23 at the Casa das Artes Mário Elias.

Also on Friday, several people will paint the Mértola Municipal Market as part of the initiative of the municipality “My house is my street“, which aims to sensitize the population to the need to preserve the houses and buildings of the historic centre of the city. village.

It follows, in 05, in the Municipal Market of Mértola, another edition of the municipal initiative “Evening Market” and will be dedicated to the theme “kitchen with art.

The “Arte Non-Stop“, which is “an event to promote the arts in a context of periphery and interiority“, will include a conference on “Art and Periphery“, on the 11th, at the Center of Sacred Art of the Museum of Mértola.

At the conference, several experts will reflect on the expression of art and initiatives and events and projects that promote different artistic languages, aesthetic and artistic education and what it is to be an artist in peripheral contexts and places.

Still in the scope of the talks, the “Arte Non-Stop” will promote the “Art as Therapy” gathering, in Mértola’s Parish Council, on the 7th, the “ArteAçorda” initiative, on the 8th, at the 1st Recreational Grémio December, and “Conversas de Café“, with Hugo Beja, in a cafe in the village, on the 12th.

The “Arte Non-Stop” will also include two workshops, one about building theatre scenarios on 09, and another modelling, between 09 and 16, at the Escola de Artes Mário Elias.

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