Concerts, Christmas Markets and Kitchen Workshops in Time Out Christmas

There is no better place to thrill with the magic of Christmas than in a market. And it was to think that Time Out Market created for December a schedule full of activities associated with the court, which take place in all areas of the market: Time Out Academy, Food Hall and Time Out Studio.

For this time of year, the most creative market in Lisbon organizes concerts, cooking workshops, markets to find the best gifts, among other initiatives.

Music is something that can not be missing in any holiday season, so Food Hall will be animated with several performances, especially the Concert of Gospel – Shout !, to happen on December 2, the day that also inaugurate the decorations in Time Out Market. A true Christmas Fanfare will be what the band ‘Alta Cena’ will provide to the food hall on December 11 and 21, already the concert ‘Tropical Christmas’ – Tribute 100 years of Samba promises to spread all the presents with the rhythms of samba and of the classics of Brazilian music, also counting on some tropical versions of Christmas songs.

And if the music is essential, the Christmas markets and fairs are also essential. Thinking of everyone who wants to buy their Christmas gifts and value originality and national product, Time Out Studio receives three Christmas markets. ‘A Day at the Market’ takes place on December 2 and counts this month with more than 30 fashion brands and accessories, with suggestions of gifts for baby, child and woman. On Sunday, December 9th, the Stock Of M.I.U.D.O.S returns to the Time Out Studio with about 14 national brands of clothing and accessories, also for baby and child. From December 21 to 23, the Xmas Creative Market, a premiere on the market will feature a showcase and 100% national projects, as well as products allusive to the theme.

Given that it is in December that the meetings around the table are more frequent, the Time Out Academy has a perfect schedule for those who like to learn and get their hands on the masses. For those who want to escape traditional cod recipes, the Academy organizes a ‘cod recipes to surprise’ workshop. In order to bring parents and children, uncles and nephews, grandparents and grandchildren together, the Academy invites the family to also participate in the ‘Christmas Cookies’ workshop, for kids and adults, with tastings included. On the agenda, there is also a workshop with chef Kiko, a masterclass of chocolate and a wine course for parties, among many others.

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