Make Code Final Conference: Program your Future

MAKE CODE: Your Future Program is an initiative in the area of ​​Education, launched by the Youth Foundation, in 2018, with the support of the Portugal Social Innovation Program and the social investor Microsoft, whose main objective was to prepare the students of the 6 at age 15 towards a digital society by teaching programming, increasing and stimulating the taste and interest in acquiring digital skills. It took place for 3 years in the TEIP Groupings (Educational Priority Intervention Territories) in the North of Portugal.

Having received the INCoDe2030 seal, it was a pioneering and innovative program in the area of ​​Education at the time, which introduced digital literacy in TEIP Groupings in the North region, through the development of computational thinking using Micro:bit and Minecraft: Education Edition.

Taking into account the pandemic that started in 2020, the Make Code project is the perfect example of how digital media are part of the solution to the problems we had to face in the face of the pandemic, and especially with regard to the great challenges of innovation and knowledge for future generations.

The final conference to be held on October 28th will present the results and testimonies of the project, and will discuss topics such as the digital transformation in Education, the promotion of digital skills for the 21st century – the digitization of Schools.


October 28th
10:00 am – Opening Session
Francisco Maria Balsemão, President of the Board of Directors of the Youth Foundation
Filipe Almeida, President of Portugal Inovação Social
Microsoft Representative
10:30 am –  “The Digital Transformation in Education – Promoting Learning in Schools”
Luisa Ribeiro Lopes, General Coordinator of INCoDe2030
11:00 am –  “Promoting skills for the 21st century – Digitization of Schools”
Carla Mouro, Executive President of the Youth Foundation
Microsoft Representative
Evaluation of the Make Code project, SPI
12:00 – Testimonies from students and teachers
12:30 – closing

Free participation with mandatory registration at the following link.

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