Kleist Conference: The Sense(s) of Justice

José Bragança de Miranda, José Gomes Pinto, José Miranda Justo and Maria Filomena Molder

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  • 20 October – Prof. José Gomes Pinto: “The Duel: will, action, contingency”
  • 3 November – Prof. José Bragança de Miranda: “From the present time of Kleist”
  • 17 November – Prof. Maria Filomena Molder: “Shipping and recitation. About the dramaturgy of The Duel of Kleist”.
  • Moderation: Carlos Pimenta

    As a preamble to the presentation of O Duelo (November 25th and 26th), staged by Carlos Pimenta, we promoted four sessions of reflection around this work written by Kleist, in 1811.

    We will reflect on the dichotomies present in this novel, where the confrontation that gives it its name, under divine arbitrariness, seems to be the only fair way for humanity to be able to assess honour and honesty.

    These sessions will feature the moderation of Carlos Pimenta and the participation of the philosopher Maria Filomena Molder, who translated and now adapted this text for the staging of Carlos Pimenta, and the professors and essayists José Bragança de Miranda, José Gomes Pinto and José Miranda Justo.

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