Conference “What is the current state of human rights in Portugal and around the world?”

Univ. Portucalense marks International Human Rights Day, December 11

The Universidade Portucalense (UPT), through its Cultura@Portucalense program and the Department of Law, will hold a conference on the theme “The State of Human Rights in Portugal and Around the World”, on December 11th, at 11:00 am, in Auditorium 201.

This event marks the celebrations of International Human Rights Day, marked on December 10th, and will bring together experts from different areas to analyze and discuss the current situation of Human Rights, both in Portugal and on a global scale, in light of the ongoing conflicts in Europe, and the Middle East.

At the start of the conference, the focus will be on the state of Human Rights in Portugal, where Cíntia Martins, representative of HOM – Humanity on the Move and Amnesty International, will bring a comprehensive view of the situation of Human Rights in the national territory. Furthermore, Nélia Neves, from EAPN Portugal – European Anti-Poverty Network, will address the fight against poverty as a central and critical theme of Human Rights in Portugal.

In the second part, professors André Matos, Pedro Ponte e Sousa and Rui Garrido, from the UPT Law Department, will explore the general evolution of these rights on different continents, the main challenges society faces and the possibilities for international promotion of rights humans.

“This conference is a unique opportunity for the academic community, legal professionals and other interested citizens to participate in discussions that shed light on the current scenario of Human Rights, contributing to broader awareness and the continuous search for a fairer world and egalitarian”, promises Fátima Matos Silva, from the UPT Cultura@Portucalense project.

The event takes place within the scope of the UPT Cultura@Portucalense program and is free to participate, upon registration here.


11.00am – Opening

  • Fátima Matos Silva – Coordinator of the Cultura@Portucalense project.
  • Manuela Magalhães – Director of the Law Department at Universidade Portucalense.
  • Pedro Ponte e Sousa – Professor at the Department of Law at Universidade Portucalense.

11.15 am – The State of Human Rights in Portugal

  • Cíntia Martins – HOM – Humanity on the Move, and Amnesty International.
  • Nélia Neves – EAPN – European Anti-Poverty Network.

11.45 am – Debate.

12.00 am – The state of Human Rights around the world

  • André Matos, Pedro Ponte e Sousa, Rui Garrido
  • Professors from the Law Department of the Portucalense University.

12.45 pm – Debate.

1.00 pm – Closing.

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