Confraria Da Cerveja challenges the Portuguese to celebrate the International Beer Day

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The Confraria da Cerveja challenges all Portuguese to celebrate the International Beer Day, a world event marked in more than 50 countries, which highlights the importance of the sector in the Portuguese Economy, Culture and Society, in addition to its History as a millenary art of the time of the Gods and for what it represents: a pure and honest symbol of conviviality and sharing, present in countless moments in the life of the Portuguese.

In order to promote interaction between friends and moderate beer tasting, to honor those responsible for the production, distribution and marketing of this drink, as well as to unite Portugal with different countries in this commemoration, the Confraria da Cerveja challenges the Portuguese to share a photo of a toast to beer on social networks, marking the hashtag #VivaCerveja and the page @sabercerveja, as a tribute to the sector.

Rui Lopes Ferreira, Grand Master of the Confraria da Cerveja notes that “this year we invite everyone to come together and celebrate this millenary drink, always responsibly and in moderation. The celebration of this day is not just for the sake of the drink, but all that it implies and wherever it goes, from the moment farmers sow their ingredients – our barley and hops – until the moment it is served, which can be a late afternoon meeting, a meal tasting, after a game between friends and a summer festival, which we hope to return to in 2022. The International Beer Day is for all beer connoisseurs and lovers in Portugal, as well as for all brewers, microbrewers, farmers, distributors, commercials, and for our restaurants, bars, cafes and clubs, which today are restoring their normality, and which also show their face for the sector”

The most consumed alcoholic beverage in the European Union, as well as in Portugal, beer is an ancient drink that enjoys a composition usually made up of barley, hops, yeast and water, together with a naturalness ensured by the national brewery and microbrewery, which today it has more than 100 companies spread across the 18 districts of Portugal and the islands. The greatest symbol of conviviality and sharing, the brewing of beer is an ancestral art that arrived thousands of years ago in Lusitanian lands by the hand of Lísias, the father of Bacchus, and continues to make waves in the mid-century. XXI with a multiplicity of new flavors and entrepreneurship of brewers in Portugal.

The International Beer Day  created in 2007 in Santa Cruz, California  began as a celebration only at the founders’ bar, which later expanded to become a worldwide event, celebrated in more than 50 countries. In Portugal, this date is celebrated by Confraria da Cerveja, a non-profit organization that was born from the dream of seven Portuguese personalities in the brewing sector. Inspired by the tradition of the brotherhoods, Confraria da Cerveja promotes the passion and recognition of the importance of Beer as a symbol of conviviality, sharing, celebration and in the defense of the brewing art as an important activity for the Portuguese economy.

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