Confraria da Cerveja enthrones new members in Viseu

The Confraria da Cerveja chose the city of Viseu to hold the XVIIth Entronization Ceremony which, on September 12th, will enthrone about 50 new Confrades.

The ceremony will take place at the Pousada de Viseu, at 17h00, and will be attended by the mayor of Viseu, Almeida Henriques, who will be enthroned Confrade de Honor. In addition to the mayor, will also be enthroned Pedro Lima, actor, Nic Von Rupp, surfer, Diogo Batáguas, humorist, Ricardo Guedes, model, and Jaime Alberto Martins, director of Mad Men. Among the present confreres will also be present Tiago Froufe, Gonçalo Uva and André

The new confreres, chosen from among the brewers’ collaborators, personalities/opinion leaders and partners of the Portuguese brewing sector, thus become ambassadors of beer in Portugal and are committed to contributing to its dissemination, prestige, and dignity, online. with the mission of the Brotherhood to promote, publicize and celebrate the benefits of beer in its many aspects.


After the ceremony of enthronement, the new and current Confrades will walk the streets of Viseu, where they will make a toast to the city,
accompanied by the tuna of Viseu Royal Tunel Academic. Then return to Pousada de Viseu for a dinner animated by musician and actor Tiago Garrinhas and the band 27 Saints.

Inspired by the tradition of the brotherhoods, the recognition of the importance of Beer as a symbol of friendliness, sharing and celebration and the defense of beer art as a major activity for the Portuguese economy, Confraria da Cerveja was born from the dream of seven Portuguese personalities of the beer sector.

Since 2003, the Brewery Brotherhood has enthroned over 600 members among Honorable Brothers, Protective Brothers and Master Brothers. Among the Confraria da Cerveja are names like António Costa, Rui Rio, Carlos Moedas, Alberto Joao Jardim, Roberto Carneiro, Fernando Gomes, Manuel Carrageta, Sónia Araújo, Dom Duarte Pio de Braganza, Paula Lobo Antunes, Sílvia Rizzo, Luís Represas, César Mourão, Claudia Jacques, Carlos do Carmo, Julio Isidro, Clara de Sousa, Luís de Matos, Simone de Oliveira, Mafalda Arnauth, Carlos do Carmo, Margarida Pinto Correia, Nephew Simões, Nuno Rogeiro, Nuno Gomes, Vitor Baia, Joana Schenker, Guilherme Geirinhas, Jaime Marta Soares, Anabela Baldaque, Gomes Canotilho and Paulo Baldaia.


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