Raising awareness of violence against the elderly

Senior Cabinet Debate in Ponta Delgada

Social project from the law firm Dantas Rodrigues & Associados takes part in a lecture marking World Violence Awareness Day against Elderly Persons, at the Municipal Chamber of Ponta Delgada, on June 14th

The Municipal Council of Ponta Delgada (São Miguel, Azores) is promoting next Friday (June 14), at 9:30 am, a lecture on the theme of raising awareness of violence against the elderly, on the eve of World Day dedicated by the United Nations.

The initiative, which will take place in the Town Hall, will feature an intervention, among others, from the Senior Cabinet, a social project to support citizens aged 65 or over (as well as their caregivers), created by Dantas Rodrigues & Associados.

The approach to the matter will come from the voice of the partner-partner of this law firm, Joaquim Dantas Rodrigues. Which has been developing important work in the area of ​​Third Age, as a result of the consolidation of knowledge and experience in the legal, administrative and financial areas.

An example of this is the “Legal Guide for the Protection of Elderly People”, an unprecedented work that, through language accessible to everyone, complemented with simple and clear diagrams and images – as well as minutes for the most common bureaucratic situations in the lives of seniors -, (pre)prepares seniors for the challenges of this new stage of life.

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Dantas Rodrigues & Associados

Portugal is the second oldest country in the European Union and the trend is getting worse. To the point where projections by the National Statistics Institute point to the existence of 300 elderly people for every 100 young Portuguese people by 2080 (the current ratio is 184 citizens aged 65 or over for every 100 young people). A scenario that many are beginning to prepare, including in the legal sphere, and which already justifies the existence of Senior Law courses, such as the one taught by the Centro de Estudos Dantas Rodrigues (CEDR).

Despite this reality, and according to Joaquim Dantas Rodrigues, in Portugal, seniors’ rights “have not yet entered the current agenda, so to speak”. “It is a topic that is on the agenda in countries like France and Germany, but in our country, it is slow to gain ground”. This is despite a “growing demand for information and support, especially legal”, regarding all related topics.

“The inversion of the demographic pyramid that we have in hand is one of the great challenges facing our country in the century. XXI, but it is also about training more and more people, and professionals from various activities so that they can provide answers that meet the most pressing – and future – concerns and problems of older people. And this is one of the great motivations for the Guide we prepared and the initiatives we frequently undertake to support the importance of these issues”, explains the partner at Dantas Rodrigues & Associados.

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