Conserveira Pinhais launches special edition Nuri Reserva 2019

Pinhais, a century-old canning company in Matosinhos and home of NURI, a cult brand in international markets, launches the NURI Reserva 2019 special edition of artisanal canned sardines in spicy olive oil.

This is a reserve batch that brings together the best NURI preserves, produced only with the best selection of fish from that particular year. Stored for at least 36 months and limited to 2,000 cans per year of the reserve, all units are numbered by hand, and are on sale at the Living Museum “Conservas Pinhais Factory Tour” and the Pinhais online store, for a unit price of 12 euros.

This special edition of NURI preserves reflects the best catch of 2019, with the reserve batch being selected during the fresh fish season when sardines combine the best nutritional and flavor characteristics. The best sardines from the Matosinhos fish market are joined by excellent ingredients, such as olive oil, cucumber, chili, carrot, salt, cloves, black pepper, and bay leaf, in a tribute to the unique quality of the NURI brand and the fact that this is an original specialty. and an opportunity to have a recipe from Pinhais, through a product with premium and unique flavor characteristics.

This reserve lot, the best among the best, is chosen by a panel of Pinhais internal tasters. During the maturation time, never less than three years, it is customary to manually invert the position of the cans every six months, an asset for harmonizing the fish, olive oil, and other ingredients.

According to Patrícia Sousa, marketing director at PinhaisThis special limited edition of NURI Reserva 2019 preserves, whose sardines were aged for three years, present exceptional consumption conditions. By placing this product on the market, we are giving consumers the opportunity to taste a unique batch and to have a truly differentiating consumption experience, bringing to the table the best that the sea has to offer.

It should be noted that Pinhais is the only canning factory in the country that maintains the traditional method throughout its production. The artisanal process comprises several fundamental steps, more than 40, which give authenticity to the preserves. From the intensification of the flavors in brine to the manual cutting and preparation of all the fresh ingredients supplied locally, to the selection of only the best fish from the Atlantic coast, a process that ends with the canning that is fundamental for the conservation of the fish.

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