Consulate General of Portugal in London receives technological modernization

The Consulate General of Portugal in London receives, as of this week, measures for the technological modernization of services, including devices for the collection of biometric data for the issuance of documents, the Government reported today.

The Portuguese State Secretary for the Portuguese Communities, José Luís Carneiro, told that the implementation of these measures “is a continuation of the effort made during this year, regarding the acquisition of mobile kiosks” Citizen Card, Passport and Visas sections, and thus “reduce the time of service“.

In 2017, the Government acquired 56 new equipment that allows the collection of biometric data, in an investment of 340 thousand euros, and “it is expected to acquire 25 more in the first quarter of 2019“.

There are already several stations that are receiving the kiosks,” said José Luís Carneiro.

In addition to these devices, 650 computers were acquired this year for the consular and diplomatic posts in which there is an actual need.

“We have been developing and qualifying the conditions for the service, namely in the consular post in London,” added José Luís Carneiro, adding that the station in the English capital “now has the capacity for 200 appointments per day.”

The Secretary of State for Portuguese Communities stressed that modernization at the Consulate General of London aims to improve service, also by improving “technological responses, which aim to ensure greater reliability in the markings and the service”.

“There has already been a series of improvements undertaken during the year 2017 and 2018. We have been developing a consular centre experience, which has already performed more than 12 thousand calls and started operating in the middle of this year. extendable to other posts, “he said.

The official stressed that the intervention in the Consulate General of London “is part of the whole of human resources strengthening and training of consular posts in technological terms.”

Since 2016, the Consulate General of London has received 12 new employees, and two new ones are now underway, while the consular post in Manchester received six workers.

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