Consultants Siimgroup, Diogo Lampreia and Daniel Henriques are No. 1 of RE/MAX Europa

Diogo Lampreia and Daniel Henriques were, for the second consecutive year, named Consultants No. 1 of RE / MAX Europa, thus considered the best “home sellers” in Portugal and Europe.

With a turnover of more than one and a half million euros, representing a growth of 35%, compared to 2018, Diogo and Daniel are distinguished among more than 25,000 Consultants.
Within the RE/MAX universe, within the Siimgroup group, these two Consultants have been asserting their capabilities in the real estate market, having achieved multiple awards along their route.

This is a very competitive market, you need to have a lot of discipline, be consistent and persistent, take into account the responsibility of selling someone’s property, be totally focused and, of course, have a deep understanding of the market,” says Diogo Lampreia.

For Daniel “Being part of Siimgroup makes all the difference, the group gives us the freedom and full support to grow our business, all the tools we need, from legal support, to marketing, to asset management. It is also crucial to have 5 branches at strategic points in Lisbon – Chiado, Avenidas Novas and Lumiar, one on the Cascais Line – Miraflores – and one on Campo-Santo Estevão. But most importantly, Siimgroup gives us security and credibility ”.

During 2019, this partnership traded 154 properties in the areas of Lisbon, Cascais, Sintra and Setúbal. Regarding 2020, they state that there is still demand and interest from Investors in Lisbon. “It is only necessary to adjust the prices, because, at this moment, when the property enters the market at a fair price, the time to close the sale is reduced.”, Both agree.

As for tips for investing in Lisbon: Having more profitability is not synonymous with good investment, location is essential. This is the way to go: the centre of Lisbon, Oeiras, Cascais Line and Cascais are always safe investments, as long as the purchase is made at the correct market value.

Diogo Lampreia has been in the business for seven years and Daniel Henriques for four, the same time that this partnership dates. Both chose RE/MAX Siimgroup to develop their business, with little initial investment, with full support and without growth limits.

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