Consumers over 65 invade online and grow 240%

Effect of the Pandemic on E-Commerce


Consumers over 65 years of age invaded online during the pandemic and now represent a much larger share of e-commerce revenues, reveals KuantoKusta (KK), in an analysis of the consumption behaviour of that age group in the pre-pandemic and post-pandemic period. -pandemic.

This group of consumers has the worst confidence in e-commerce and online payments, but restrictions on traditional commerce and the confinements imposed by the pandemic have forced the most resistant population to shop online for the first time.

These consumers are more modern, more digital and more up to date. It’s a perverse effect of the pandemic that forced people to update themselves and develop skills they didn’t have until now.”, says Sara Sá, from KK’s Marketing department, stressing that “people over 65 years old have already spent 360% more than in the equivalent period compared to 2019”.

The price comparator states that, since the beginning of the year alone, 898,000 users over the age of 65 have been registered on its website, which represents almost 40% of the total population of this age group, while in the same period, in 2019, this number was only around 264,000 users.

Consumers over 65 now represent 13% of the site’s total users, compared to 5.5% in 2019. We have noticed a clear and growing confidence on the part of this age group to buy online, in all areas. If users continue to be satisfied with their purchases, the trend will continue to be positive, even in the post-pandemic period”, recognizes Sara Sá.

Animal products at the top of the most bought

Veterinary products for dogs represent the largest increase in consumption among the over 65 age group (690%). Also, perfumes (378%), pet food (300%) and vitamins (290%) verified the most expressive rises.

Tablets (280%), robot vacuums (235%), and laptops and smartwatches (180%) also registered significant growth in categories of technological products that previously did not have many expressions in the habits of these consumers.

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